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Because of my past.


What do you mean? No ones their past!

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Cool is not a profession, it doesn't fill your fridge and pay your bills ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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^ exactly, better be well fed but uncool, than cool & living off of welfare.

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But its too hot outside ;-;

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Well cool don't mean nothing if you act like an asshole for example, that's not cool and nobody needs people like that looking up to you because they really don't and aren't your friends. Its hard to make money in this economy because of the lack of jobs and low pay and sky rocket real estate.. idk about you all but where I live your average for an apartment to rent is prob around $800 a month, yes you could get cheaper if your lucky like $500 a month but this all depends where you live. In a big metropolitan city expect to pay triple that or more for rent.It's tough if you're making $300 a week and have to pay rent and bills you're left with not much to save.