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As the title says, what's the first game you ever played? What did you think of it at the time? Do you think it was particularly impressionable on you? Did you ever go back to beat it? Any interesting anecdotes?

For me, (going by what I can remember,) it was The Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure on the NES, (sometimes just referred to as LoZ II). I wasn't particularly good at it myself, being like 3 or something, but I remember watching my brother play it.

Oddly, the notorious game over screen of the time didn't really scare me. I absolutely loved the game though, it'd probably explain why my brother ran around in Link costumes on Halloween.

More than just that, I think it instilled a sense of appreciation for the art direction games had to take back then, as even today I still like to mimic them. (My portrait is probably evident of that.)

I've never beaten it myself, though I did try to a year ago. That game is beyond difficult. Maybe one day.

Apparently, we'd managed to softlock the game at some point, though we'd never really stop having fun just running around.

That's my first game, how about you?

Edit: @HiHi also asks what is/are the game(s) that you're playing in the present day?

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I'm guessing a bit here but I'd reckon it was Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy on the Playstation 2.
At the time it must've been almost brand-new given the release date, but I was given it with a pile of other games that I remember more vaguely.

Rather like O.D.W I was probably 3-4. I recall that I watched the original trilogy around the same time (but definitely after playing the game) and making connections.

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The first game I played? I remember playing a handful of angry birds games back in like 2011-2012 ish when they were in their hayday. I wasn’t really the greatest at them given I was like 3-4 years old at the time. I also remember being really good at Temple Run 1 when I was like again 3-4 years old. The first game I ever played definitely is one of these two.

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There’s no way I could remember what the first random educational game my parents got me was, but I do remember my first game on a Nintendo system. It was Pokémon ranger, but I didn’t really have any idea what was going on so I didn’t make it very far.

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My first game(s) was orisinal, a collection of flash games that were made back in 2001.

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My first game was Need for Speed: Most Wanted which I played when I was 5-6 years old. To this day I still think it's the best Need for Speed game they ever released, and the numbers definitely show it as well. After I finished that game (it took me like a month to finish, it was ridiculously hard and grind heavy for the time, I have no clue how people can finish it in under 4 hours) I played Need for Speed: Carbon which is the sequel to Most Wanted. Unlike Most Wanted however, this game is really short, as it only took me about 4-5 days to finish, and my most recent playthrough finished it in under 5 hours. And after those 2 racing games I stumbled upon the flash game Super Mario 63, and after beating it 100% over 20 times, it was the only game that I picked up to speedrun.

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I grew up with computer that had Windows 3.11, which ran MS-DOS games.

I don't remember exactly the order of games I played at the time (age 3-4), but the first game I played was probably Dangerous Dave:

I didn't really focused on this however, because I never managed to pass level 4 or 5 (probably like 99.9% of the players who tried this game).

After that, the group of games I mostly played at the time were 2d platform games, developed or published by Apogee Software.
Those were mainly: Commander Keen, Duke Nukem 1, Hocus Pocus, Crystal Caves.

Those were my favorite games to play at the time, and probably shaped my love for action 2d platform games up to today.

Edit: Just wanted to add that I tried to beat Dangerous Dave again, about 1 year ago. I STILL didn't manage to beat it, and was stuck at around the same place as I was as a kid. Watching speedruns of the game didn't help.

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The first console game I ever owned was Mario Kart Wii, the first game I ever played I can't remember but the first things that jump to mind are Club Penguin, Mooshi Monsters, and Learn to Fly (the penguin game).

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As for what games I'm playing in the current day, for me, it's mainly Minecraft Java (I only play the PvP side of it because I find singleplayer boring) and Free Fire which is a mobile battle royale game that just reached 1B downloads a few days ago. I'm competitive in both of these games. What about you?


For me, I mainly casually play Angry Birds 2 and occasionally Minecraft. As well as the game I am currently speedrunning. I still can’t find an interesting speedgame and I’m too lazy to look through the advertisement thread.

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@HiHi I'll go ahead and add that to top of the thread, if you don't mind. That way new folks won't miss it when going to post.

As for me, I, uh, play too much stuff. My span of interest jumps around a lot, but whatever I'm playing these days I'm probably speedrunning it or planning to eventually.

More specifically, within the last few days it's been FFCC, (as a new glitch is really breaking the game,) Streets of Rage 4, (just for hanging out with my brother,) and Fae Tactics, (which is an absolutely fantastic strategy RPG that has just gone unnoticed sadly.) Once I'm done with my casual playthrough, I'll definitely take up trying to speedrun Fae Tactics in some capacity.

There's also been a bit of Dwarf Fortress here and there. I can't resist picking it up every once in a while.

Oh, and I almost forgot- I'm planning on playing through the entire Ultima series sometime in the near future. I found Fae Tactics from the sale I got all of the Ultima games in.


While I'm not 100% sure, I think it was Super Mario 64. I didn't play it when the n64 was out because I wasn't born yet but I have a very old and faint memory of playing it in a hotel. I didn't even realize it was sm64 until a few months ago. I don't remember being able to get into the castle and I have not played it since.


i must have been around 6 when my dad brought back a laptop from his work with 3D Pinball Space Cadet on it, that's the first video game i played


The first game I played was Minecraft Pocket Edition

I saw someone playing it at some party in England, and I begged my mum to get it. long story, short, she got it for me.


im taking care of a baby rn but my first game was cookie clicker



Hey, I remember 3D Space Pinball Cadet, I used to play that quite a lot on our old Windows PC. I think it might've been Win98, even.

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Ohhhh yes I remember it too, agh the memories. I also used to play that a lot when I was little with a cousin and we would like race eachother to see who gets the most points.


Hmmm, I guess it was Wii sports, has anyone else played it?


I probably played some stupid talking Tom crap on my kindle fire. I was like 6

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The first game i ever played was Quake 2. It's a nice shooter)