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Mine would be when I hit the WR on a game (meeblings) while practicing the run. I was never able to get it again.

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I helped bring down the time in survival kids with glitch 🙂

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Beating a children's video game in one sitting. 8.5 hours of Harvest Moon 64. Much rejoicing afterward

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My 4:02 IL WR for Showdown at Big Honshu in Battalion Wars 2. Previous record was 4:25, I'd been consistently getting 4:26, then suddenly I got that. It was complete luck that got me that, and I can't say I'll ever be able to reproduce it.

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Best Achievement imo:
"Getting Started" - "You completed your first speedrun. congratz!"

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Seeing my practice pay off in the games I put time into.

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Finding a skip to get rid of a very inconsistent and run-killing piece of RNG has probably been the best thing I've done so far.

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I've managed to save a minute in a run nearly ten minutes long, mostly through better execution.
It feels good to have a strong run.

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Nailing the hard shit in cv1 at agdq2017

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Humblebrag alert, but running inFAMOUS First Light at AGDQ 2018. Had the time of my life. Plus it's apparently the only run ever where the stream crashed mid-run, so I'm the answer to a trivia question~!

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Getting sub 45 in OoT3D any%. It's a goal I set for myself when I first started speedrunning. It's an awful time and really easy to get, but it meant a lot to me when I got it, to achieve the very first goal I set for myself.

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The original setup for ACE in Zelda 1 was believed to be impossible on console (specifically WiiVC); it was thought to be Emu only.

After experimenting with it, I discovered a very precise way to get it on console involving getting hit and activiating the ACE a certain number of frames after. I was the first to figure this out.

In the end, it was obsoleted by a significantly faster method that worked on console in a simpler way, but it was still really exciting for me when I found that original way to do what everyone thought wasn’t possible.

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Hitting WR in PlayStation game I've played most (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six)


Realizing I can actually speedrun anything at all.

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Sub 11:40 in Kirby's Dream Land for me, took me over 2500 attempts if recall. I'm slow on the uptake I suppose.

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Actually Getting some of my best friends into doing runs. Co-op Runs are fun times, And Space invaders '99 is a tough game to run,Mine and Amonsvikings WR run of 23:00 flat igt,Run has 3 deaths that did not matter much at all. It was probably my favorite moment in a co-op run.


My Cuphead All Bosses Simple Current Patch 32:28 run. (With loads) Could've probably been a sub 30 if my controller batteries hadn't died and if I didn't die at Wally Warbles, but other than that I'm very proud of this run SeemsGood