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We've been talking about what annoys us most, but that's so negative. I say we should be a bit more positive by talking about the things we do like and don't annoy us.

I'll start us off.

I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

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-warm weather
-ape escape
-rpghorror games
-fish (as food)
-funny things
-peach ice tea
-red devil energy drink
-finnish comedy
-super mario kart
-raffel chips from taffel
-language stuff
-cat purring
-cat meowing
-sour cream & onion pringles

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Alright, about to lose all creditability but I don't care so I like:

-Vtubers (especially Nekomata Okayu)
-Track and Field (specifically throwing events like Shotput and Discus)
-Water Parks
-American Ninja Warrior (even though season 12 kinda sucked)
-Sasuke (which is the original Ninja Warrior from Japan)

There is definitely more but I either can't remember, too lazy to list, or it isn't suitable for the site (inappropriate stuff).

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Sour cream and onion pringles, fnf, super Mario odyssey, fnf soundtrack, original pringles, tv, sleeping naked, trying to hook up with the ladies, any computer game, Wii sports and Wii sports resort, Minecraft, getting a’s in school.

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So true

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Mango Man, makin' it known

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I can't possibly list everything I like, so here's a short list related to speedrunning:

- 3d mario speedruns. The movement is so satisfying, and it's usually easy to tell what's going on. Everything is very fluid. I'm a mario fan, so it's amazing to me that games that took me hours to complete can be completely destroyed teh way they are.
- When the @SpeedrunPosts twitter account posts, which doesn't happen often because they're sort of inactive 🙁
- When you get a goal time that took a lot of time to grind for. It's always satisfying to see hard work pay off

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Playing games that I loved before learning speed starts for them

W a i t

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@Merl_Merl_ thanks for sharing had some real bangers. I like those posts a lot.

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climbing is pretty good

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I like mimes

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