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I LOVE anime so much. It's my most favorite thing in the world. I personally love anime with powers and long epic fights more. A lot of anime I watch is action oriented. I watch normal comedic anime sometimes, and there are rare moments where I do watch borderline hentai like kiss x sis and yosuga no sora. My top 5 favorite anime of all time is B Gata H Kei, Freezing, Hundred, Absolute Duo and Keijo. What are some anime you love?

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Weeb. @LivLiv is a weeb too.

Secretely I'm also a weeb.. but I couldn't get past the third episode of Violet Evergarden.
Insane emotions. I really need to get back to that anime.

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Lv. 24 Weeb here,

I like action stuff like JOJO's, Fate & One Punch Man,
but my top stuff is either complete bullocks like Sky Girls,
and tear jerkers like Angel Beats.

(I'm not opposed to watching great stuff Like Death Note, *gatari & No Game No Life though)

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Ghost in the Shell and Kino's Journey are more to my liking.

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I am not a big fan but I like to watch it from time to time. My favorites are Nana and Baka to Test for sure.

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I like Relative Worlds, it's so amazing and it mkes people think about life they are leading. It's very presious philosophy for me....

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I'm a bit of a hipster when it comes to anime I feel like, but here's my favorites... maybe someone will find one of these interesting:

Ergo Proxy - The atmosphere is delightfully dark, and the story is thought provoking. Every time I watch it, I notice something new.

Serial Experiments Lain - A work so dense I wrote a college paper on it. It hit upon a lot of modern technological anxieties before they even existed.

Big O - Okay, so what if Batman's mask was a giant robot, and all the giant robots were a metaphor? Also, a perfect blend of gothic and art deco styled visuals.

Cybersix - This is a stretch considering it was a Canadian/US adaptation of a very mature (and sometimes off-putting) Argentinian comic that somehow got green lit as a Saturday morning kids cartoon, but it was animated in Japan I believe. It's a relatively faithful adaption that fixes a lot of problems with the source material too. It was unfortunately cancelled after only a single season, but it was way ahead of it's time in a lot of ways.

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kaiba, hakumei to mikochi, flying witch, kuma miko, in this corner of the world, moomin (1990-1991 run)

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I'm not a big anime fan/weeb, but I do use VoHiYo sometimes


Code geass is a masterpiece


I enjoy quite a few series here and there, though, not a whole lot of recent stuff has appealed to me. I enjoyed Kaguya-Sama: Love is War somewhat, which is the most recent series I've watched.

For the most part, I stick to Science Fiction and Mecha series, though. Stuff like Yamato, Harlock, Gundam, Trigun, so on, all of that is stuff I can always sit down and enjoy if I want.


Nah my pal always tried to make me watch some over his house while drinking i would just get drunk till i didn't care lol


I mostly like Japanese games really (JRPG games are my favourite genre) but I don't watch much Anime.

Ones I've watched a lot throughout my childhood and such are Dragon Ball, Bakuten Shoot / Metal Fight (Metal Fight is also the only one I have to watch in Japanese, because the English dub is just so damn awful), Kanon (2006), Death Note, Fate/Stay Night, Haruhi and probably some others I'm forgetting.

Death Note is probably the most interesting I've seen, but Dragon Ball / Bakuten Shoot are probably closest to my heart, just because those are from very early childhood days. I've considered watching Steins Gate also, but I'd rather play the Novels when I have the time. The Visual Novels interest me moreso than Anime in most cases, I really enjoyed Danganronpa's games, but the animes were kinda meh.

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If you are starting with anime then Code Geas, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note are good to watch.


Dragonball is probably one of my absolute favorites.

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You can even watch Parasyte Anime. Only 24 Episodes having 8.4/10 users rating on IMDB. Else you can check: https:/​/​watchseriesonline.​live/​


I don't like any TV Series, I don't like any anime but one, and thus I basically watch nothing of TV related stuff, movies included.
The only anime, or any series, that will forever hold a special place in my heart is Dragon Ball. 🙃

(I actually have a tab open on a fanfiction of Dragon Ball about "what if Goku fell down Snake Way and met his family down there (Raditz, Gine & Bardock; of course he already "knows" Raditz at that point)", currently at about chapter 15 in the Namek Saga, pretty decent fanfic with a couple grammar & spelling mistakes sadly, and over 300 words I have written down as "words I have never heard of OR words that I know what it means, but can't explain it in my own words" (most words fell under the first category, the fanfic uses a lot of ... strange words. But if it helps me improve my English vocabulary, then whatever lol.)

Fanfics aside, I always found Dragon Ball to be stupid and for weirdos until one day, I decided I wanted to watch it when I randomly came across a trailer for a DB game (probably raging blasts 2) a few years ago. I watched 7 episodes the first day, the second day I watched about 30+ episodes. Guess I was really captivated by it. I've never managed a day where I watched 30+ episodes again since then, but I quickly loved it and now I love Dragon Ball a lot lol. Fast forward a few years, having watched both dub and sub of all 4 DB (except DBS dubbed) (and no DBZK), plus of course having seen DBZA many times, plus literally reading fanfic less than an hour ago. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I love the anime.

I also tried to watch Kiniro Mosaic because ayaya. yeah... I don't think I'll be into other animes any time soon, but of what I watched it was nice I guess. Just don't want to force myself to watch the rest (only watched 3 episodes), this style of anime is definitely not for me. I also tried watching Pokémon back before I was into DBZ, but couldn't make it past ep 10.

On another note, DBZ has helped me improve my English a lot. Also this is a long post, bye now 🙃

TL;DR favourite anime is Dragon Ball as a whole
(Also DB > DBZ > DBS > DBGT, not going to rank DBZA because it is a parody and also 20 years after DBZ was released, giving them an unfair advantage, though the comedy is usually pure gold; if I had to rank it, though, I'd put it between DB and DBZ. Nothing, absolutely nothing will ever beat original DB.)


I don’t really give myself time to watch anime now, but most of the shows and movies I used to watch were basically quote “normie shit”. XD

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