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Hello speedrunners and gamers!

Can I talk a minute of your time?

A friend of mine has been working on an interesting and cool looking game which needs to get greenlit! Please help him and his team!

Check it out, click "yes", bookmark it, the lot!

They need as many as they can get so I thought I'd post on here. Hope that's okay and people can help!



But the question is: Is it speedrunable? Kappa


Haha! Who knows! We'll only know if we can get this baby greenlit so we can get it! 😃


Isn't for speedruns ?


Yeah, so maybe it is speedrunable. I mean as long as there's a start and finish there's a way to speedrun it surely. 😛


Thanks to anyone and everyone who saw this post, went on the game's page and voted yes because it's being green lit! It's such a big thing and great achievement for his friend. The game was only uploaded 6 days ago yet on day 2 it reached rank 50 out of 1600, day 3 it reached 20, day 5 it reached 13 and day 6 (today) it got the go ahead! BIG thanks to y'all! ❤️