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and many more become banned for generally stupid and draconian reasons

You’re acting as if tons of people are banned every event. The amount of people actually banned is very small. This is not a large issue. Also, some of the people you named aren’t even banned, they just received temporary punishment like not being able to submit games for a couple years, but can still attend.


We as a community should stand up and create a better speed running event.

People have already created other events. Events like ESA and NASA are growing a lot and are attracting more and more people to their events. Even some of your mentioned people have attended these events. I also feel like it’s worth pointing out that at least one of your mentioned people got themselves banned from multiple streaming websites including Twitch in the past. Maybe not entirely relevant, but it’s not like GDQ is the only place handing out punishment in some cases (see above re: this is not a large issue).

My main problem with this post is the attitude you’re taking that GDQ is like this horrible evil entity. It’s not. Every year people make posts like this taking about how horrible the event is when in reality they are blowing a couple isolated incidents out of proportion. GDQ is not perfect, but it still maxes out it attendance in record time every event for a reason - it’s still a great place to see friends you don’t see very often.

If you want to create a new event, then go for it. But to act like GDQ needs to be overthrown or to state that the speedrunning community “deserves better” is just lame. If GDQ was as awful as posts like this make it sound, nobody would go. I’m sorry if a few streamers you like got banned, and you might even disagree with the reasons (I’ve disagreed with bans in the past). But regardless, acting like GDQ is a source of evil is just so silly.

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There are lots of on-site and online speedrunning events that already exist. NASA, ESA, SRX, UKSM, ASM, BSG, RPGLM, Calithon, just to name a few of the on-site. There's S2CTW, PFP, NGR, Degen Dash, Distant Star Cares, and a ton of other pop up marathons that people make up to raise money for their friend for online marathons.

You're free to create your own marathon, but don't act like GDQ is the only one that exists.

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My reason for this post is to hopefully create a speed running event that will allow many other new, emerging and current runners to not feel threatened in their craft. I believe that every runner should have the ability to provide whatever commentary they wish, without the fear of retaliation.

The fact that you think runners at GDQ are threatened in some way is laughable. Nobody is threatened as a runner, I don’t know how you even think that.

Also, GDQ limits commentary to PG-13. That means, no overly excessive cursing (contrary to popular belief, dropping an accidental curse does not get you banned), and nothing overly inappropriate. If a runner can’t censor themselves to a PG-13 level for a GDQ run then that’s their own problem because most professional places have rules like that. And yes, when you’re on camera at GDQ you have to be professional. Goof around off camera all you want.

Most marathons including RPGLB and I believe ESA all have similar rules on on stream behavior, it’s not like this is a foreign concept. I know NASA has a less strict approach and if that’s what you’re looking for then that’s probably the event for you, but most events try to keep it mostly respectable in terms of dialogue and commentary.

If that’s one of your main points for why runners would feel “threatened”, then that is a weak point. Hundreds of runners have controlled themselves enough to do runs at GDQ and most runners are fine with following that rule because they want to put on a good showcase and that is harder to do if you turn away viewers with nonstop cursing or other inappropriate dialogue.

Again, I’m not saying GDQ doesn’t have its problems, but you’re not outlining any actual problems so far.

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You bashed GDQ as your way of opening the circle up. You should've just kept it to "I'm interested in creating a marathon" instead of "GDQ sucks for these reasons listed, so I'm going to make a superior marathon."

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Kotaku and Cyberdemon531 are not reliable sources, the latter saying whatever they want to intentionally stir up drama for their own amusement.

Not to say that they're wrong, they very well could be right, but using them as your justification doesn't work.

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Kotaku is good for gaming, but it has not been the most accurate news source as far as speedrunning goes, as they tend to just grab what's on /r/speedrun, which is a whole mess and a joke in itself. As far as you really not have a clue who they are or how they act? Their ban isn't a one overreaction, they have gotten many warnings for past minor offenses at previous GDQs, and this was simply the last straw.

And no, it's not. You quite literally list the reasons why you dislike GDQ and why you think it's unfair towards us runners, and propose the community to create a better speedrunning event. It's exactly what you said.

Regardless, if you're genuine about creating a marathon, I recommend being more tact about asking for help on it. Like I said, you open up with how you think GDQ is unfair to speedrunners and how we deserve better. It's a nice sentiment, but it's false. I wish you luck on the creation if you decide to go through with it.

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I'm gonna have to agree with the points made by several of the members here, and that trying to create a marathon based on what you have discussed I can't see going that far. It's better to have a genuine goal or will to create and run a marathon as it does take allot of work and creating social links with other people, this means that you have to be professional on some level not just as a runner but more so as the organizer or people that are involved with what ever the event may be if you wish to get to best positive results. GDQ has its guidelines because of its size and the number of people that wish to take part in it, but that does not mean there are not other places to also go for watching or trying to take part in. Plenty of other amazing marathons were listed as alternatives and even tho smaller by comparison they all have their own goals and do very well for what they wish to do every year they have been organized by the people involved.

I think you should rethink your approach or goals with this discussion because if you are indeed serious about making a marathon happen be prepared to do allot of work and social connecting to make things happen. I've only been working on this kinda stuff going on 2 years now and just trying to be part of what ever I can, but bashing other events if that is whats going on won't help you build those connections to make another marathon/event or whatever it may be successful. It's always better to have people to work with that have experience to offer or guide you rather then going in alone.

Anyways Good Luck with whatever course of action you see fit but I do hope you consider some of what we have said at the very least.
You are by all means free to create a marathon and do as you please but just keep in mind its a fair bit of work that does not give you immediate results without effort and connections.

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tl;dr start your own, good luck

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Tfw you watch one Apollo Legend video and now you're a speedrun revolutionary 😕

I second everything said above, GDQ isn't awful. Don't watch it if you don't like it. Instead watch one of the other many marathons around. Iirc there's literally a thread on this site for advertising ur own marathons.

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@KillMach Have you ever actually been to a GDQ? It's awesome. 2k+ people who love games having one big party. OH GOD BUT YOU CAN'T CURSE EVERY 5 SECONDS ON STREAM OR CALL LGBTQ RUNNERS AWFUL THINGS, GDQ IS LITERALLY HITLER. Whatever man. Have fun putting your marathon together.

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I also don't really enjoy GDQ that much although I enjoyed the bad games section thing and yes I feel its not wrong to inspire to be bigger and better than it and as well because trying to improve helps events become better. The problem I have here is it seems you will just make a copycat which no event should inspire to be I haven't watched any of the other big marathons but I am sure they each have something about them that makes them unique and different.

GDQ may have done some questionable things but I feel this is an over reaction of the situation. GDQ is a great event to have when runners go they know they can't swear or do other things not pg-13 why is that an issue? If they get banned or punished it kinda is there fault even if they are awesome people.

As a counter balance to your points of discussion GDQ has done many an amazing thing like raise all that money for charity surely helping so many people. Also events like this help runners come together have fun and show off just amazing skill.

If you don't like GDQ just don't watch that much I don't watch really and I am fine but I can still see the good points of the event 🙂

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Are you actually planning on starting something yourself, or were you just hoping someone else would do it for you? If you're actually trying to start something on your own, best of luck, hope it goes well (but considering you made your account here 10 minutes before posting this I have a feeling that you're not).

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I mean GDQ operates under strict rules because it's supported by a professional charity organisation. No charity out there would sponsor a gaming event that is going to make them look bad by talking about distasteful topics, or bringing a political light to the event and trying to push a political agenda, as an example. Goes without saying GDQ also operates on Twitch primarily, and Twitch also has their own set of rules to abide by.

In my opinion, the biggest issue with GDQ is that it sometimes shafts lesser known games for more influencial, larger games. Obviously it makes logical sense to do this, as larger, more known games will pull a wider audience of people, but it gets irritating, for example, seeing Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger get pulled in as the 'JRPG of the marathon' most events. Meanwhile, there's plenty of JRPGs out there submitted every year that haven't been at the event yet, that get rejected year in year out. This is one of the reasons my attention towards GDQ has wavered since 2014.

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did they delete their account

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Yes. Run away from your problems, people. Never stand by your opinions. That'll get you far in life.

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yes they did delete there account I just looked


Obviously I can't respond to anything that was originally said, but I will say that I love to watch specific runners regardless of the event, and to an extent regardless of the game. Many of my favourite speedruns have been done at GDQ, albeit as a coincidence.

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I for one am genuinely shocked the guy wasn't truly planning his own marathon.

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Meh, they probably though creating a marathon was easy as snapping your fingers.