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Hello everyone! it's that time again! I ask you a question! You give me an answer! And we learn more about you. Today we're having a look at:

What brought you here?
Why did you stay?

I'm expecting some interesting responses to this one, so have a go at it! For me I came to submit a few runs and found myself staying for, well, the people. Although I love speedrunning I feel in love with the users much more. In fact I almost purely use this site to talk to people now. Any other time I visit is to look at records my friends have done.


I like fast and game Kappa

But in all honesty, I came to the speedrunning scene because I was really interesting in speedrunning Half-Life 2 (couldn't speedrun it because i wanted to remove an enemy, but the leaderboards couldn't allow it, so i've never gotten into that). But overall, speedrunning was quite fun, it's certainly a fun experience to go ahead and find some glitches left by the developers. Really fun to beat games as quickly as possible. I'll stay in this community for as long as I possibly can, speedrunning is really fun, and I'm not planning to stop doing speedruns 🙂


KH community moved from a google doc to here so I had to join.

I’m still here because I’m still involved in the hobby.

Really shitty answers but my reasons for being here are pretty simple and boring ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: I thought of a better (worse) answer - I found here because SRL couldn’t figure out leaderboards and I’m still here because they never figured them out Kappa

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I got here from one of Darbian's SMB1 any% WRs. Not sure which one but I believe it was before 4:56 happened. I stuck around with just being a viewer of him and a few others and not doing a run of my own until a year ago. Not sure what game brought me into speedrunning myself (it isn't the game on the bottom of my page actually, but it was a ROBLOX game).

I am more of a ROBLOX speedrunner b/c I grew up with it and I know a little bit of the technical side of things. I am focused on Speed Run 4 right now and they are some really cool people in the community.

also shoutouts to r/gocommitdie


@Faustas NO ONE CARES!!!!! Oh hi! It really is amazing what we can find. I think that's something that got many others interested.

@Timmiluvs Well most of us are here for pretty simple reasons.

@Komrade That's what we're all actually here to do and you know it.

@speedrunningiscool Hello! > 😊 < People really seem to enjoy roblox. Is there a war between roblox and minecraft? In terms of which is better I mean?


I watched someone speedrunning some games and then joined this site, and now I like being here


I came here to put my personal best times all in one place. I stayed because I can almost achieve that, except for the Mega Man runs.

Then I realized we had a forum, so I started chitchatting here! Most of you guys are ok, so I spend most of my work day dealing with people and hitting refresh to see if there's any new game stuff to talk about. And to watch @Komrade shitpost


Back in May last year, just for fun I was racing against my brother to see who could beat their game first without dying, me playing Batman: Arkham Origins (the game has a built-in permadeath mode) and him playing either Ocarina of Time 3D or Majora's Mask 3D, don't fully remember which. It would have been pretty close but he ended up dying and I came out on top. I thought the time that I had beaten the game in seemed pretty fast, so I looked up what the fastest time someone had beaten the game. That's how I found out this site exists (any previous times I would have looked up anything speedrunning related would have brought me to SDA). Arkham Origins Any% looked like a free world record, and submitting runs to the site seemed to be super easy, and my brother knew I was really good at the game and encouraged me to give it a proper shot. So I did.

Origins ended up being quite a drag to run and it definitely wasn't a free world record so I didn't end up running it again, but it got me hooked. I've been speedrunning and tracking my progress here ever since.


It’s one of life’s great mysteries isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a God watching everything? You know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don’t know, man, but it keeps me up at night.

Jokes aside, I came here because I wanted to see the times for run of The Simpsons Hit & Run, one of my favorite games (and currently my main speedgame). I saw LiquidWiFi running the game via SRL and wanted to see how the game was ran. It motivated me to create an account here, but it was like 9 months until I even submitted any run because I'm a lazy sack of crap 4Head


Joined the site after I felt like I wanted to speedrun, started using it frequently months later when I seriously started speedrunning.

Stayed because I still find speedrunning interesting, and do it. Plus I have games to moderate/tweak, and those forum posts aren't going to go unread under my watch.


Why I'm here: I was getting into the Paper Mario series and stumbled across Almolicious's TTYD SGDQ run. Watched it, loved it, wanted to run it. I found out that the speedgame itself is quite difficult, and it was difficult for me at the time to even record attempts. At the same time, my friends got me into Undertale. Loved it, seemed easy enough and easy to record, looked up speedruns for it and came across

Why I stayed: I love speedrunning.

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YO ITS MY BOI! @blueYOSHI I found one of siglemic's runs and slowly got interested as well

@TheGreatToddman tood! the great manly man... man who is great? is your name a reference to something? anyhow, why were your megaman records left out? yooo quality shit poster kom shout out to ya!

@ShikenNuggets mouth drools those are REALLY good looking pieces of chicken. thats so nice and wholesome! and maybe you could try origins% again in the future! it would be cool to see you master what brought you here. 🙂

@Guff i knew someone would do it eventually. in my opinion, no matter what the case is, we are lucky to exist and should enjoy the experience. that is my personal opinion. why does everyone enjoy hit and run? i dont understand how its as popular as it is. dont get me wrong i do enjoy me some of that show though. hey im a lazy pile of shit myself! 😃 oh man glad we can relate! but seriously there are a lot of other important things that get in the way of speedrunning so i can understand that feeling.

@oddtom ohayo gozaimasu proceeds to speak other jibberish he doesnt understand and may your friends be plenty as peace is with you

@Quivico it seems many users go silent for a long time before submitting a run. quite interesting. i think your reason for staying is most admirable and humble

@starsmiley can we get some gdq hype! you certainly seem fond of undertale to me. it is an excellent game cant blame you

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What brought you here?

Refunct actually, I've always loved GDQ and speed events on twitch, with Refunct it was a game that was pretty weird and interesting and I loved playing through it.

Why did you stay?

People are nice here, and seeing my progress is pretty nice too with the obsolete runs button which makes me wanna try harder and work on my runs


@chryoyo There isn't for me. Minecraft and Roblox are two very different games. Both games are good at their own standards if that makes sense.


I actually don't remember how I found this site, probably either when I was casually messing around with Fire Emblem Awakening or through SGDQ2013/PokemonSpeedruns later on. Still here, because I didn't find a reason to leave and I like having a place to browse for games I might try running at some point.


Howdy @chryoyo I got my name from Dragon Ball Z about 15 years ago. The Great Saiyaman Kappa And we don't Classic Mega Man games here 🙁


Not speedrunner by playing style, but I noticed I could have chance for few World Records in games I love 😃


I wanted to speedrun Pokemon Trading Card Game (I read somewhere to pick a game you wouldn't hate after running it a thousand times) after watching AGDQ 2016, so I figured I record it and upload it to a well-known leaderboard. I went inactive after that.

When I returned, I stayed because I ended up becoming involved with the Warframe leaderboards where I spend most of my time fooling around on as my hobby (the leaderboards/community, notsomuch the game anymore).

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