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If so, I recently decided that I want to try to get into speed running games like Pikmin 2 or SMG1, but I don't have a capture card for my Wii U. So I was wondering if are any would that any of you would recommend.


dont need a cap card to speedrun, but gv-usb2 is cheap

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Like @Komrade said, the gv-usb2 is cheap !
But you could also point a webcam to your TV screen, or record it with your mobile phone. (for the free options)


for SMG1, just note that for Any% you only need video proof for times below 3 hours


@Komrade, I'm pretty sure I've seen something that looks almost exactly like that somewhere in my house.

@Saydie, I would do that if had a reliable method of doing so. :T

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as long as its not a dazzle you're good..

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please don't encourage proof-less runs if they're willing to actually provide proof @starsmiley

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i say that because afaik the mods don't really check the VOD even if you have proof with that type of time. obviously you want proof, but if everything else fails, you don't have to worry too much

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Buy a GV2 for decent SD capture. Though I wouldn't really call it cheap persay, as it being called cheap is why everyone thinks basic SD capture can cost $30-40.

If you don't really care about your audio/video quality too much then you could just pickup any cheaper SD capture card, they can go as low as $9-10 on Amazon:

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Idk if this is the right place but I’m new to speed running and wanted to know how to record and time on nintindo switch and also upload it thank you


There's a few threads in the Streaming / Recording / Equipment forum that have the same questions. You can probably find answers there.

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Do I need to include a timer In my run for it to be accepted


@DemolicaDemolica Not for most games, but there are some that do require it, so check the rules for the game in question.

Also, please refrain from bumping old threads to ask an unrelated question. ...Though I suppose, given the title of this thread, that we could turn this into a random question thread. Or maybe we could start a new, clearly-identified random question thread, and add that to the stickied threads.

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just have a bot that auto responds "ask that in the games forums" to any question in the random questions thread >:DD

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