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Can someone recommend a PC they use for streaming and/or gaming that has fairly good components and isn't outrageously expensive? (Max. 800-900 USD)

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Definite “fairly good”. We need specs.

Similar to your other post in the Streaming forum, we need more information than this vague post. What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking for a good computer for futzing around on the Internet and doing homework? Do you want to stream in 1080p60fps? Do you want to do hardcore video editing? We can’t recommend anything without details.

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Start with this and change whatever you need to fit your needs.


Maybe an idea, what do you want to do with it. A stream PC is different from a game PC, and that is different from an office PC.


It should be more specific now. I went back into the post right after I initially posted it to specify he type of PC, but the revised draft didn’t save for some reason.


Uh, post what you're looking for here.

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Okay, to be more specific I want something that can stream at least 720p streams (1080p preferred), can run most games on medium or high settings, and has a price tag in triple digits. I also want whole PCs, not something I have to build


@Novawolf even if it seems boring, BUILD. A. PC. It offers more options, isn't very hard to do, and often saves you money.

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You don't have to build the PC yourself.

I own a custom-made Laptop that was built by the place I ordered it from. If you aren't comfortable building a PC from scratch,there are likely going to be places in the US that will do this for you.

Also, no real need to stream games in 1080p because Twitch's low ass bitrate allowance butchers quality anyway. Do 900p max.

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I mean I'm rocking an Alienware 14 and it's getting a touch long in the tooth but it still gets the job done 95% of the time. I paid $800 for it four years ago (not terribly long after it launched, it was a steal then). I've had little -- won't say no, but little -- issues playing and streaming off it at the same time, and effectively no issues using it to stream console play. A quick google shows listings for them in the $400-$500 range right now, and I'd be hard-pressed to believe you're gonna get away paying any less than that.

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Look, I know that I can build a PC and that it's probably cheaper. I wanted recommendations for pre-built PCs to see if buying any kind of one is worth it.


Folks are telling you to build or buy from a custom builder for a reason, but if you simply must have a brand name, non-used PC, try an HP Omen. They're fairly reasonable comparatively. I personally still think the mark up is insane.

Laptop Solution:

Not gonna run games at anything over low-medium and stream, but is affordable, portable and pretty. If you're speedrunning though, you really don't want your graphics to be on medium-high settings.

Desktop solutions:

Has an NVMe SSD and a main 1TB drive. Graphics card is capable of solid medium settings in most games if you really must have them at that. No Monitor.


No SSD, worse Graphics card, no monitor. Will barely run things on medium settings for most games.


I suggest you buy Alienware Aurora R7, MSI Trident 3 and Corsair One i160, I personally use MSI Trident 3 for gaming purpose, I bought it from Online coupon codes, within $500 by using discounted codes from Reecoupons, thats why I recommend you.