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I would really advise against taking any health advice from random people on a video game website. If you’re looking for information on that, I recommend talking to a health professional.

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Eat less, move more.


Eat food with low calorie and take exercises


It really depends a lot on whether you're a man or a woman due to testosterone or estrogen hormones being dominant in your system, how fast is your metabolism and such things. I think that if a person has tried balancing their diet and move more, but that yields no results - they should talk to a professional, cause it's not just one solution for all people really. I, for example, have a moderate metabolism, I'd say and I eat maximum twice a day, but I cut no sugar, I don't move particularly much (except a couple of exercises in the evening just to keep muscles in a decent shape) and that's enough not to grow weight. For others it may not be this easy, so


Try to start fitness for example. I also try to have loss some weight and used low carb diet and coolsculpting on but after that procedure I will attend to fintess lessons and continue my diet.

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I like how this thread gradually gets more posts, even when the original poster has deleted himself from the site.

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Jeez, I drink 1.5 liter per hour sometimes, is that bad? Why is it? 😕


At the very least, if you ingest too much water at once it'll go straight through your body without providing much benefit.