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I played the recorder in like 3rd grade and that’s about it.

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i played the keyboard in year 1, I quit cuz it was a waste of time.

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@Act7Act7 My school has a band class.

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What grade are you in? Not trying to sound stalkish

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geetar, poorly, for 15 years

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I mostly play synths and work on a computer to make music these days. I can play guitar, bass, drums (my favorite). I got a very general working knowledge of music theory, so I can dabble on a keyboard or mess around with any string instrument and get a feel for it, with the exception of using a bow, which is pretty difficult to get down. I smoke cigarettes, so pretty much any of other lung-capacity-having instruments are out of the run for me.

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I’ve been wanting to learn to write music, it just seems really difficult for some reason and I don’t really know why.

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@LL Nice to see fellow guitarists in the forum

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