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Do you play any instruments and if so, what do you play and how did you come to play them? I play the piano, double bass, and the flute. I learned piano because my parents insisted that I needed to, I still don’t know why since neither of them play any instruments. I learned flute because I wanted to learn a wind instrument but didn’t care which one so I picked it out of a hat.

Double bass was a weird one, I was in 6th grade and walked into my teacher’s classroom after school to ask him a question. He was playing a D Minor Sonata written by a lesser known composer named Henry Eccles on a Double Bass and it kind of entranced me. One thing lead to another and I was taking lessons from him.

I’m interested to hear other people’s stories.

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I started saxophone in fifth grade band class. I picked it for no particular reason, but I guess I stuck with it, since I’m in music school now. Exploring the saxophone repertoire is what first got me really passionate about classical music.

In tenth grade I bought a clarinet because I thought I would be cool to learn another instrument. In eleventh grade I couldn’t play saxophone for a couple weeks, so I got out my old recorder and ended up getting interested in early music. I started a recorder club at my high school, and I’m hoping to do more with the instrument in college. There’s a professor who offers recorder lessons which is pretty cool.

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Explains the little bass icon, I'd say.

Somewhere around 5th-6th grade, we had this weird class that was like, ascended Music class meant to lead up to Band, and since you didn't get to choose your electives that was something I ended up with. We played trumpet, and I was good enough to be recommended for the actual band. Of course, I was extremely socially anxious so I ran away from that as fast as I could. For whatever reason, my primary group of friends throughout middle school and high school were all band kids- I was the odd one out there.

I've tried violin, piano, mandolin, flute, and guitar over the years, but I've found that I have no talent in music whatsoever. I can read sheet music okay, but that's about it. I also greatly lack rhythm (despite constantly listening to music for most of my life), something I've been trying to improve of late through rhythm games. Mixed results so far, but I've not given up on it yet. Sometimes I also mess around with remixing midis, because I don't already have enough projects.

On the other hand, I knew a guy in high school who could play the piano like a dream, but it just wasn't his interest. The world is funny like that.

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I bet no one knows what a euphonium is.

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I used to sing with my voice, however as I grew older my voice started to get deep (or whatever) to the point where now I can't sing very well anymore. As for instruments I've never played any but I heard that piano is fun.

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I've started playing trumpet now that band has started back up in my school, I am not very good at it.

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@Act7Act7 Its a small tuba

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Piano. Stereotypical strict parents wanted me to stop messing around. Started when I was 10.

For awhile I had to practice the piano for 30 minutes a day and longer if I was being punished. But as I grew older, I came to appreciate the overall complexity of the piece, richness of the sound, and dexterity of the pianist. Yes, it's easy to namedrop all the songs everyone else played such as Fur Elise, Rondo Alla Turca, Nocturne, and Moonlight Sonata. But this also exposed me to modern classical music as well. Probably my favorite so far is Julien Boulier's 'Estuaire Absence'.

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Its a small tuba

How did you know that

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People are just smart these days (and probably heard about a little thing called Internet).

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@Act7Act7 I bet you don’t know what a cornett is.

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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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  [user deleted]
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No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.
Horse radish is not an instrument either.

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Guitar. Played from the age of 11, I'm now 30


Viola, played that for 8 years
Piano, played that for 10 years
(Viola is the best string instrument btw)

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Ah yes, the instrument that meant to be a violin but disappointed it’s parents.


Used to do piano and acoustic guitar. Ended up quitting piano cause my teacher was becoming annoying and I never really liked it anyway and I quit acoustic guitar cause of quarantine. I'd like to get back into learning an instrument but I'm already pretty busy with life so I don't want another thing in my schedule.

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I want to get a Otamatone and I have an Elvis Presley Ukulele which I have tried to practice a little bit.


Weird combination but ok

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guitar for like 3 years

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