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can someone recommend a game to me i am a intermediate at speedrunning i need a new game


I'd recommend checking out the advertisement thread

This is a thread where people posted games that they enjoyed running, so it's a pretty good place to look. You can also go to this link to view popular PC games for speedrunning, and this link for popular web games.

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If you want more specific suggestions, let us know what are you are looking for with things like console, genre, length, etc.

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i am looking for a game with a any% time around 30 to 55 minutes


Sonic 3 AIR lol


sonic is cringy

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Open Season gba

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thanks for the help but i only can record games off the web and nintendo switch do you have any suggestions for me i also tried cookie clicker and it is the worst my fingers look like they out of place

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I enjoy webgames, and can give you a few recommendations.

In the 30-60 minute range,
Peral - I don't know much about this game, I saw it in the ad thread. I'll just post someone else's description instead.

Originally posted by hahhah42Last month, I advertised pico8 games in general, with a slight emphasis on the small size of the games due to its intentionally restrictive limits. Well, a recent pico-8 game proves that developers can find ways past the limits: Peral.

This game is gigantic for a game made with pico-8, with a map big & twisty enough to get lost in. And you get to control a submarine that fights against underwater tanks, which is all kinds of awesome.

So if you've passed on pico-8 games because you'd prefer something in the 30-60 minute range, give Peral a try!
Three Goblets - Long speedgame with multiple categories with varying lengths. If you like short runs or long runs it's pretty good. You fight monsters in different levels to boost your stats and make it farther into the game.

Duck Life - Classic flash game with tons of speedrun categories, the coolmathgames version of the game is playable on the web and is ~20 minutes long

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thank you for the help i am enjoying the games you recommended

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frozen double trouble

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Thank you @GerargeGerarge

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if I had a dollar for every necro I've witnessed

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