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why so much time to analyze the mk3 and umk3 races?
It's been almost 3 months now and nothing.


Races? or Runs?

Sounds like the mod is inactive. Try reaching out to them via social media.

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they said that the Adms were on vacation, but there was a long time and no response.


Yeah all three mods are active. Hell Outworld followed me on Twitter like 2 days ago. Your account is also new and shows no runs submitted (though I'm not sure if it counts unverified runs, I think it does).

Actually yeah how have you been waiting 3 months when you've only been here like an hour?

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I do not have races, I just follow the speedrun of mk3 and umk3 and I know that this is almost 3 months without analyzing and with no answer.


"Member since 1 hours ago"
Quit messing with people.


I'm not messing with anyone, I just want an explanation because the delay to validate speedruns of mk3 and umk3 because the person who made the video is waiting and so far nothing


@Komrade all submitted runs show up on the runs counter, regardless of their status (obsolete, in verification, rejected etc)

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ours but almost 3 months to check 2 speedrun clear?
I respect the work of the site a lot, but I think for a long time without having any kind of response

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On umk3 there has been runs 26 days ago verified and on mk3 17 days ago verified
also BrunoVogado has 0 runs on there counter

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what I want to say and that has run that was sent by speedrunners that has long and had no response

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Ok, sorry but I can't resist anymore.

You created your account literally only 2 hours ago, and your profile info says "Runs: 0" which means you didn't even submit your run (if it even exists) for it to be verified to the leaderboard you are talking about. And here you are saying that you've been waiting for 3 months after you've submitted your run.

So you are either messing around or not being clear on what you're talking about.


Yup just a glance at statistics can tell you that runs have been verified much sooner. If there IS a run waiting verification for that long, it's probably for a good reason. The mods probably want to make sure they don't verify a cheated run, or something along those lines, idk.

Either way it's not your run so it really doesn't concern you. Unless you're the runner in question and you just made a second account to push the issue.

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What is the user's name that you are speaking for? Who submitted the run and why are you speaking in his or her place?


@SpiderHako he is talking about someone who has submitted a run 3 months ago and didn't get it verified


Just read this thread. They seem to be active

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Wasn't 3 months ago. Also, unnecessary for you to ask this question. They're verifying runs that aren't even yours, why do you care? Give them time to properly verify the runs, as they've stated here: they're implementing new rules and making sure all the current posted runs follow those rules, as well as verifying runs are indeed legitimate.

Attempting to rush the mods isn't helping.