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Hi! I submitted my game to the, but rejected due to the requirement of the submission to submit my OWN video to the youtube. I submitted a run of my game using my fellow's video, and I was permitted by him to upload it into

Is there any chance I can submit the link video with someone's video? even though the person who owns the video has given me permission to submit it into the

Will appreciate any suggestion 😃


No! You must do runs yourself. Why would you even want to submit someone else's video? If you can't do a run yourself, then don't do anything, let the person submit it themselves if they ever want to.


OK well then. So if I want to submit the game (that wasn't listed on before), but for the submission using my friend's video. it's still prohibited, right? 😃

thanks buddy!


It used to be permitted to request a game with someone else's run attached. I submitted just such a request once myself ( ....I swear I'll run it someday!). It no longer is. Any game requests must have your own run attached. That is simply the rule now.

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Do your own run.

By being added as a moderator I'd say you should be expected to know the game, and the only way we can be sure of that is for you to supply a full game run done by yourself.