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what has happened to the site in the past few months

talk forum is getting noticed

new layout

please explain

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one of your threads got stickied, thats cool

a lot of stuff has happened, including a super bad update that added comments but had no anti-spam/harassment measures, so people started spamming comments everywhere. scam bots even figured out how to abuse it and left fake nitro links by the thousands only a day after the update
if you go to the site forums, you can see a LOT of complaint threads

here's a funny video of the update

some good news is that people are actually talking int he talk forum again, meta stickied a bunch of threads and the talk forums have active conversation now

i highly recommend reading this thread:

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I'm glad the Talk forums have become a better place

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Now for the rest of the site

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Some guy started making accounts to harass @starcrytasstarcrytas , there seems to be more bots on the forums, some of us are hunting and reporting bots, some people have come and gone like otaku or astrolite (who you might see, hes trying to submit 10K runs) and thats all I can think of about the forums that hasnt been said

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there seems to be more bots on the forums, some of us are hunting and reporting bots

that isn't new, the amount of bots hasn't really increased and we've been hunting them for months

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How to quote people??
^This would be very useful for me to know thx


THhe site became more Pog thats what happend 😛


I genuinely like almost all the new updates, they're cool.


The new theme sucks though




@TuttereyTutterey wym by new theme? Is the default change or someting? I just use a custom one I think.

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I think he means the game page appearance