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I know it's a little off topic (okay, a lot off topic) but thought it would be interesting to get some insight on this, since good fonts are crucial to making the Livesplit section of your screen look presentable. Also, I've been thinking of trying out new fonts for myself, and wanted to gather suggestions together.

I personally use a different font for letters and numbers. For Letters I use Segue UI Regular, as it's pretty basic and clean, so there's no going wrong with it. For numbers I use DS-Digital, which makes the timer use the seven segment display, the numbers commonly found in scoreboards and clocks. It's a neat design and is pretty fitting especially for retro games like SMB (the game I run).



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comic sans undertale

Seriously though, I use Helvetica a lot.

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Montserrat is a chill font, Helvetica Neue Cond for an [AS] feeling or bitmap fonts like Terminus for a retro look.

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Calibri or Cambria

EDIT : I use Chalkboard SE too


I usually use Helvetica Neue, Droid Serif, Futura LT, or my newest addition Noto Sans CJK SC.


Segoe UI Bold for timer, Calibri Bold for times, Calibri for text. Nice and clean.


Bookman Old Style


Deranger is cool. Looks a little like the Darkstalkers 3 system font. Not the most easily read thing in the world, but decent compared to a few stylish others.


P22 Bayer Universal. I find this font to be really well designed and has been worth the money. For anywhere else as it's available, I choose Lato, Calibri, or, if nothing else available, Arial.

  b9kingb9king I have a weird thing for hand written and carved fonts.


Definitely, "Atami".


Fancy: Wolf in the city. Basic Bitch: Barlow Semi Condensed


I would use:
Timer/Detailed Timer: Century Gothic Bold
Times: Segoe UI
Segments: Comic Sans MS


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