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What is your favorite aesthetic, I like the old (80's) japanese music because the instrumentals sound really clean and the instruments chosen are very soothing, I don't understand some of the lines in this type of music because i have no experience in japanese but the voices when they are in english are also soothing. For art, i like Nighttime 80's anime because i like the aged effects, its not too harsh, but the animation looks blurry enough to where its visually appealing, and it just has a lot more emotion than just "oh wow!! cute looking drawing UwU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The old anime aesthetic has a lot more emotion into it and i like it.

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im not 100% sure i understood what you are asking but i like bad quality game capture for older games. it feels wrong if your capture of smb1 is like pixel perfect and no weird artifacts anywhere

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Originally posted by SioNim not 100% sure i understood what you are asking but i like bad quality game capture for older games. it feels wrong if your capture of smb1 is like pixel perfect and no weird artifacts anywhere

What is your favorite type of style when it comes to art and music, I like 80's anime and 80's japanese songs (even though i have not a clue what they mean) because they look and sound appealing.


In the terms of aesthetics revolving around games, I'm hardly picky and like quite a lot. I grew up with a multitude of consoles now long old enough to drink, so older graphics and sound quality are to me a sort of art all on their own. There's a reason why my pfp is a pseudo OoT model I made. Despite barely playing the Gameboy when growing up, I really rather like it's graphics an limitations. Can't explain why, just do. I also just love old jank PC graphics, especially the old PC prerendered CG graphics. Look up Septerra Core to see the kind of stuff I mean.

I do run games on a CRT from the 90's, but that's just because it's the smallest TV I had that could fit in my limited space. I originally had it just for my Atari 2600, but it comes in handy for the Famicom as well. Although, some games do just look better on it if you ask me, even as late as the GCN.

Game soundtrack-wise, I'm a sucker for flutes, harps, and old instruments (see FF: Crystal Chronicles), but I've also got a weak spot in general for drawn out electric guitars (a la Pokemon Colosseum battle tracks or River City Girls- Combatant). Ain't got nothing against some good synth either- I mean, I've been listening to RCG's soundtrack for months and I'm not burnt on it yet.

If we're talking about traditional art and music, then my preferences there are also incredibly broad, to the point it's hard for me to really say. My particular favorite kind of traditional art is mountaineer crafts, scrimshaw, and the like. Rustic and simple, but effective- makes me wish I had a log cabin.

Music-wise, I listen to a lot of stuff, but it's rare for me to like anything past the early 80's, and when I do it's usually because I like the artist for their earlier works. I do have some modern guilty pleasures, but most days I listen to U2 or Steely Dan, other days it's Lightfoot or Allman Brothers, or it could be BeeGees, Elvis, and Orbison. And that's barely scratching the surface of the 30 playlist tabs I've got open.

And you know, sometimes I'm just listening to sea shanties, 20's Jazz, and modern renditions of B.C. era music with a bit of Mozart or Aligheri mixed in. woweeBlanket

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O.D.W. Sea shanties are awesome.

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For sure. Capstan shanties are my favorite and really do serve the purpose they were made for- the pacing really is good for taking your mind of slow and steady work.

In general they have a good sense of quality to 'em, which I suppose they'd have to given the ones we have written down are all refined from years and years of improv. I'm sure you've got a lot of time at sea to work on the lyrics.

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I love old vintage stores, they are just fun and relaxing to be in even if I don't buy anything (hopefully this counts as an aesthetic, I've always been confused by the word)

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Ah heck, antique shops- it's been so long since I've been in one since the whole corona thing I almost forgot how cool they were. Always so cozy, and just so many things from times long gone.

Terrible for my wallet, but cool places nonetheless.

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Neon trash, 80's slasher/horror, campy Tromafilms, retrogaming. In so far as music, I enjoy dark 80's style music such as Dance with the Dead and Mr. Kitty. Video game music is an all-time favorite genre as well, especially soundtracks from SNES/Genesis. As for fashion, I love to deck myself out like a gearhead/punk inspired by Castlevania and Double-Dragon. And on my lazy days I'mma slap on an old-skool band tee like NIN or Nirvana.

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@FemaleFemale I like your style, Japanese stuff is dreamy

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