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Getting back on topic here, LSD's pretty much gone into stasis since my post earlier in the thread, so now I'm looking into joining another scanlation group, preferably on a casual basis. Hopefully that'll go alright.

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Scanlation's neat. I sometimes mess around with trying to translate some old games, but I've got so many other projects they get pushed to the side pretty often.

I ought to get back to it.

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I do a lot of homework and study for AP classes. Apart from that I just browse on SRC.

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You have a very inspirational life, so why are you even on

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I read a lot. I also like roller skating, but it's been difficult to go until very recently.

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I watch a lot of horror movies, I like water sports and I like snowboarding.

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Originally posted by O.D.W. This is something I also do. I just don't make a lot of it.

Do you have like a job or something?
Also I like how you made this thread for people to share their hobbies and occupations without you doing the same.

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Also I like how you made this thread for people to share their hobbies and occupations without you doing the same.


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messing with terminals

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I never actually gave a proper answer to this lmao. In my free time I enjoy archiving obscure media (eg lost games), reading, and name sniping names on minecraft.

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I used to post speed runs on this website about 4 or 5 years ago. I don't remember the name of my old account. But on to the actual question.

I mainly play video games or just hang out with my friends whenever I don't speed run. It's fun. Sometimes we play video games, or sometimes we just chill out with each other.

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Originally posted by PizzaLoverSeanI don't remember the name of my old account.
Do you remember what games you ran? You could check those leaderboards and see if any of the older runs on them jog your memory.

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Feed birds

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I like to play roblox or stalk my snapchat gc (friends) But I should learn how to do my homework when i get home


Study Psychology and play football (not american)


Youtube stuff?
I also program and ski sometimes.

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watch anime and ride on my scooter, trying to get into roller blading.