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As the title says. What other hobbies have you got aside from speedrunning?

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I enjoy reading books and looking around on I also take care of my chickens, ducks, and dogs.

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I read books & manga. I've also been involved in scanlating manga in some capacity for a number of years now, though I currently only do light beta reading for Lovely Strange Dark, which is not as active as it used to be.

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i watch youtube/twitch, make content, play smash bros. also schoool :vomitemoji:

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I listen to music for 7~~ hours everyday (on my way to school, at school and on my way back home), i attend url parties to listen to more music :DD, i stream casually playing games on the weekends and watch anime i guess?😃

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oh yeah i read these dumb forums everyday so i guess thats a hobby

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Along with speedrunning, I also do challenge runs of games, sometimes competitively with other people. And I read these forums a lot.

Outside of the internet, I am a puzzle collector and I have a lot of puzzles (because I collect them)
idk what to say

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I code websites for Minecraft servers and I recently started to make a pretty large amount of money from it. I started doing it when I was 11 (I'm 16 now, today is my birthday) and I haven't given up this hobby ever since though it wasn't really a focus until a year ago when I suddenly started to get a big influx of new clients asking me for websites.

I haven't given up gaming though. I'm still competitive in some games, mainly Bedwars on Hypixel. I'm not ashamed to admit that I became a collector of designer clothes and even some relatively expensive jewelry with the money that I make from websites. More recently I started investing into crypto, mostly into ETH which has been booming as of lately and I already made a pretty big profit off of it, but I also have a small amount of BTC. I started going to the gym too and very recently I started reading some books that help me be more self-aware and lucid.

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Watching anime, YouTube videos and reading some manga, I am also studying, since I will soon have my exams in high school (I am 16, and next year is the last year for me).

But i like to watch some history programs about some topics like war and many other things related to the past of humanity.

I play some videogames, like: GTA LCS, some SNES games like (Super Bomberman 5 or MOTHER 2) and some games on my Nintendo Switch (Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker 2, Fortnite, Mario Kart 8, SSBU).

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I mainly just read, listen to Lo-fi Beats, draw (not a master at it), do schoolwork, and watch things like Regular Show and Chowder.

That's basically what I do in my free time I guess.

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I've gotten into bodybuilding about 6 months ago, so I spend a lot of my free time in the week at the gym. I also do a lot of bowling, like to keep up with my fantasy football (yes nfl), and do research into different companies on the stock exchange, mainly for my university major, but also because I find it fascinating.

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I am a programmer. I enjoy coding both at my job and during my leisure. Every day I look up new algorithms to try and see if I could put my own spin on it. Racing is another hobby of mine (speed running in a car, technically?) and I am currently saving thousands of dollars for modifications on my mustang gt and a sweet new ride that I should be able to afford next year.

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I was always good at mobile games and I used to spend a lot of time playing mobile shooters online. I was good at it but now I speedrun most of the time so I dont play PvP that often.

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i have no life so i do nothing else 🙂

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I think the government has tricked me somehow, I seem to be doing more and more math(s) every day....

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i make moneys

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This is something I also do. I just don't make a lot of it. FeelsBadMan

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