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Maybe... This question should be on the different forum, not on But did you ever ask a question, if you are happy with yourself? I'm asking because I want to know, how many from us are not. It's quite frequent to don't be, which is the biggest mistake, that constantly make from our life one big nightmare.

So what about you guys? Are you?


Nope, never will be.
I'm keeping myself to the same standard I keep everything and I don't quite make it, so I'm not happy w/ myself.
Next to some other things I'd not like to post in public.


Probably not.

But i've decided a while ago to stop thinking about it.
Afterall i don't think knowing the answer to this will change anything.

As long as i'm living my life and doing what i want or feel is right, it doesn't matter, i suppose.


I'm just fighting to live every single day of my life with friends and family and that's more than enough.


I actually do have some serious self-loathing issues (amongst others) but I'm learnnig to push past them, well kinda lol


I figured out how hard (maybe impossible) is to don't think in the negative way... Like I'm person which see everything bad... For the first time, usually. Trying to see things better but not succesful yet.

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When you give your best and hard work enough on something you want to/must do, you can even impress the harshest judge: yourself.

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i think people can pretend they are, but no. This includes me lol, im scared more than anythign


Interesting group to ask this question to. The people who keep trying to do better because a good time isn't good enough; people who keep challenging themselves to do better because it just never seems enough.

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Fuck no, I'm just blowing time until I die from something


Hell yea I am. Once you realize you'll never be the best at something, you can never feel bad about being exactly that. So now I can try to be the best at something, but its cool if I can't do it.

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Fuck my school life!

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Not really happy with how I'm feeling physically day to day, but otherwise, I guess so... or perhaps from a different point of view, I guess not.
I more ascribe to this sentiment than anything else:

I'd rather just contribute meaningfully, rather than try to be the best at anything. Doing MY best at what I do and liking to do what I like is enough.

I'm quite happy being unhappy.

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i dunno honestly, sometimes i feel like i mean nothing to the world, and sometimes i feel like i mean someone to something