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I use the Hyper X cloud stingers

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What’s a headset?

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That percicely


I don't have headset, just my basic headphones from the supermarket

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Some 10 dollar headphones i bought in a flea market

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  [user deleted]

This thread isn’t for me then, I use speakers

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I have a long habit of trying to stretch out the lifespan of my stuff way longer than I need to, and my history with audio equipment is long. From putting up with frayed wires or having to hold my head at weird angles, I will use them until I finally get fed up with them.

That being said, I'm using old Sony Dynamic Stereo Headphones, of model type MDR-V150. They're presently held together with electrical tape and the plastic stuff over the muffs has been gone for so long I prefer it just being the raw cushioning material. These got put on a shelf in rather good condition when I was like, 13, (the muffs were already worn bare though,) and had better ones to use. Had to pick these back up about 2 years ago and they're still holding strong.

These things probably have over 5 years of use on them, and they're like 12 year old headphones. Honestly, if I get a new pair, I'm just gonna find another version of these.

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I use Hyper X Cloud Flight.

I was tired of dealing with bent cords, trying to gently push them to the exact fraction of a millimeter so they could work. Went wireless and... although that issue is eliminated I get a bit annoyed when the only indication of the charge are beeping noises. My only complaint is the vague battery life. Other than that, they serve me well.

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Im using a second hand pair of Astro A40 Gen 4s.

Love the feel of them. not sure what else to say but i will say im curious as to what everyone else uses for speedrun audio weather it be speakers or headphones

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