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Hi I’m bomb, but you would probably know me as memer. So, I’m coming back to speedrunning but that’s not what I want to focus on in this post. I want to apologize to a bunch of people for being an absolute dick head to then in my first time on the site.
@zir0niczir0nic for a lot of things but mainly arguing with you about things you were right about and being just an absolute terrible person.
All the mods on roblox games done quick 2021, I snuck my way onto that mod team, abused my power in the discord then bitched like I was the victim when I got kicked out. I’m sorry, sage, ozikura, and the two other people on the team.
Finally, to @GekkiGekki, thanks for being my friend but I wasn’t a very good one. I would always text you about what I was doing and how I was doing but I never asked you. And that is what I should have done so, I’m sorry.
Also, to the new firewall I don't know why I harassed you for ur discord but I should not have.
In conclusion, my first time on this site I was a sociopathic retard and I apologize for it. I’m gonna be better the second time around.

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What’s funny about it?

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W memer, welcome back

also, i kindly accept your apology, i am the owner of the Firewall account, it was supposed to be a name holder for Firewall (so if he ever wanted to come back to speedrunning, the name would still be there for him (i still talk to him daily) and the entire forum thing was a social experiment to see how you guys would react to someone else with a old name. anyways welcome back again

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oh ok

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