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+1 for biscuits
This is such a good thread


OH OH!!! Now this is my kind of topic! Hmm let's see... I actually eat pasta when I play Nintendo games. If I'm playing a game with a lot of cutscenes I'll have pop corn or other movie snacks. If it's a long term based rpg road trip stuff like sunflower seeds. Of course, we all know the best is pizza! 😎 chicken as well


the disadvantage to pizza when gaming is the grease which obviously is not something that can be avoided otherwise it completely ruins the pizza! if you are playing alone this might not be a big deal as you wont be passing your controller around. which you shouldn't have to do, but sometimes it does happen. in fact a lot of the foods i mentioned have this exact problem.

since most of us here are probably streamers it would be best to have something bite size. as to prevent any unnecessary sounds. this makes chips a horrible choice and honestly i've found the loud crunch takes away from the almost immersion completely.

this makes foods you typically suck on or don't have to chew the best. excluding things like noodles of course. often having the food relevant to the game makes it that much better as well. like doing drugs while playing mario party. specifically shrooms. BEEEEEEEP if you were to play say, mario galaxy. would you prefer cookies, or space cookies? yeah that's what i thought.

you could also go with softer foods if you so choose such as a breakfast croissant. this is very good if you are looking to relieve some stress through your game.

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Biscuits. It's nice because your fingers don't get oily while you are touching your keyboard.


It's not a snack, but I drink Pepsi all the time when doing runs 🙂


Also not a snack, but I drink multiple cans of Coke every day during gaming sessions.

(I usually buy some burgers before starting to game, then eat them while I play)


sour cream and chips. I will actually fight you people over this


Most candies, it doesn't get sticky unless you take it out of your mouth for some reason.


Doritos,Chocolate are the food if me eats when me play.