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Here’s my pick
Pop corn with a glass of Lemonade or water.
It’s not greasy and the crumbs won’t get on your controller/keyboard.
The lemonade is very refreshing and washes down the Pop corn.

I’d like to know yours

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I like to eat fruit like melon, banana, grapes any thing really and drink wise I will drink anything I like

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Water with lemon, coffee or tea for me. I've always just took a break to go eat XD


>Also, is it bad that I eat salt?

Objectively, yes, because that'll likely have a very negative effect on your blood pressure if that's a regular thing.


"Also, is it bad that I eat salt?" - Yes, from both a health and a "wot" perspective 😉

+1 for popcorn, although I'm bad about eating greasy stuff while gaming, my pads must hate me


When I play guitar hero sessions with my sister, we have this ritual where we go get a bag of sun chips so by the time we get to the hard songs, our fingers are all greased up and move easily from one color to the next.

So I suppose it depends on your game and individual needs 🙂


just as a counter-question:
what would be the most easy fat-maker to eat while gaming? I'm thin as a stick (probably thinner than Pac) and want to add some tons.

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but they'd require me to drive 40mins with my bike to get them,
which would kill the "get fat part" and replace it with "get fit"


You could always get a warmer and stockpile your nuggies for safe keeping

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I don't think 40 minutes of biking would offset a few bags of mcnuggets anyway, so operation get chunky is still intact.

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just buy the ones from the frozen section cook em all at once haha

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If you mean regular gaming, I just hit pause and grab anything food related OpieOP

But if you mean speedgaming, I'm partial to these fruit gummies. They taste good and they're bite-size so I can eat a few at a time.

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They made fizzy wine gums and I'm hooked on the red ones. Wake me up a bit during cutscenes.

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This is a good question actually, because the speedgame I was the most passionate about so far is over 7 hours and you really get hungry, especially if it takes another hour or two to get an attempt going.

I ate pretty much everything so far during those runs.
Fish Sticks turned out to be quite comfortable. You can even cut them into pieces with just a fork and eat such a piece rather quickly, even during a 2 secs loading screen.

If I am good on money I just order Pizza, but bear in mind to choose one which hasn't too many "soft" ingredients on it because you don't want to mess with a pizza slice which has fallen into a dozen pieces during a run.

For drinks, energy drinks are needed to stay alert. Coffee is no good idea, because it will make you need to pee too early.

For sweets, everything Haribo created is a good idea.
Chocolate etc. Probably not such a good idea.