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Any stories that you want to share while you were speedrunning a game or why did you decide to speedrun that specific game

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I was fighting for a wr with about 4 other people in level 1 for My Friend Pedro Mobile. It took around a month for them to stop this. I ended 4th.

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Went for an IL record against @Sandstorm187Sandstorm187. We PB'd many times, I probably grinded that level +12 hours

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I was grinding runs on mcpe lite to get revenge for @smitchsmitch ruining my chance of becoming a mod

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got nothing interesting really.
in like 2018 i found a childhood pc game of mine "muumit ja taikurin hattu" (its a point and click educational game from 97) while i was in a voice call with two others. i dont remember really how it went but i think i started screensharing me playing it and its like 90% rng so of course i then decided to start running it because what else would you do. it became a "grind" for sub 30 and had many fun streams running it 😃

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I joined this site last year when I saw that the Foxbot leaderboard had been added. It's a game I'd already spent dozens of hours running in 2019, and it is by far the game I've spent the most time speedrunning. I'm currently running it again, and even set a new pb in the full game category just a few hours ago, for the first time in over a year. I've put hundreds of hours into this game, and I've enjoyed almost all of them.

However, I actually did not like Foxbot the first time I played through it, didn't plan on playing it again, and it's pretty much a fluke that I ever even played it a second time. That's the shocking truth behind the game I love.

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i tried extremely hard to beat one IL WR on

I gave up eventually but might return

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I once grinded a mediocre fighting game for over a week so I could beat an 11 year old WR

Immense amount of RNG and fighting for single digit milliseconds

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One time someone joined the scratch game speedrunning discord, posted a video of a run they did, said something like "I JUST KILLED THE CATEGORY, THIS WORLD RECORD IS UNBEATABLE!!!!!!" and then left the server. I don't like when people call runs unbeatable, because they almost never are, so I spent 10 minutes doing runs and ended up getting the world record. I had never even played the game before this. This turned into a very brief back and forth trading world records, but after I got a sub 20 run, he gave up because he couldn't beat it.

Edit: I was going to get the link to the run, and I found out that he left a comment saying "I'm gonna get this wr." He never did lol. Someone else managed to beat it though.

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