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@Racingmonster That only works if everyone lists their correct country.

/eyes you sideways for no particular reason


ok, I wanted to delete the post because I found it pointless, and only deleted the original. I can't forums.


I'm not too keen on Argentinians ¬¬

Just kidding màn!



Personally I know a dude from Argentina who's wild on knifing the enemies and the "no damage" challenges by using only the knife as the main weapon on youtube, but the speedrunners from that country really ain't familiar to me...

Well that being aside, like RacingMonster and some others already pointed out you can hit the ・・・ section next to the "forums" button and go to the page of "users" if you want to search for the users / speedrunners from each region, and you can hit the name of the country the speedrunners in question come from, and you'll see the list of all the speedrunners from that country. 🙂


I don't see many active speed runners from Argentina sadly, I wish we had a bigger community for our country...