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I've thought of different categories and how people could run the game, but how can I get the game on this site?


Related question: I submitted a game but never received an email or notification on - do we have any way of tracking a request?


This approval process takes time, be patient with the admins, as they are only a few of them that maintain and run the site through free will and support. Once it's submitted just wait till you get the notification about the request, same apply to submitting actual runs. ❤️

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> Related question: I submitted a game but never received an email or notification on - do we have any way of tracking a request?

You are a member since yesterday only, so I assume you submitted your game yesterday too. Wait some days, the process takes some time.


Yup! I did submit yesterday, but I was just trying to figure out a way to verify my submission was in process [like if it would show in my profile as "Approval Pending.." or something].

Thanks for the heads up on the delay though =)


I can say that depending on the number of things they have to do or need to do it can take a while.
I submitted a game about 3 or so days ago so just be patient and eventually you'll get a notification/response about it.
Same applies for when you submit runs as well it could take awhile depending on the number or available mods for that game or in general for the site. We all have other commitments that take priority. ❤️


I just added the Pending actions page, you can view your pending game requests as well as runs awaiting verification/rejected there.

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That's awesome Lighnat0r, that should clear up and concerns with if you submitted something or if its still pending. ❤️
Thanks for the kool new feature.


yay for free M badges Kappa

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Awesome new feature! Thank you so much for implementing this. Great devs =D


If only it actually had an M in it, trollbear gtaEid

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You won this battle but i will be bach Kappa


Seems like it was working earlier [my pending submission showed up] but I'm guessing its still in development cause it seems like more stuff has been added to the feature [and my run isnt showing up as approved/denied/pending] but I just wanted to say again - great work Devs on this feature, definitely a QOL improvement =)


what should we write in Additional notes?


Whoa, four year necro.

You don't have to write anything there. But if there's any info that may aid the admins in understanding your request, that's the place to put it. I just submitted a game that's a remake of a game currently on the site, and I figured I'd mention it there so they didn't see the same title and reject it for thinking it already had a page.

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Actually it’s 3.5 years, since it was July 2015