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While i was randomly messing around today in Adventure Forward: Star Savior, I found a wrong warp that skips one of the longer parts of the run (entire bossfight). Have any of you ever accidentally found a skip? If so, explain it! I'd love to know


when speedrunning my finger slipped while resetting the game. By pure chance, I released spacebar for exactly one frame on the exact same frame the file reset, which caused me to perform a glitch that was later found to be useful to skip all the way to the end of the game. I got really lucky to find that.

EZscape made a video on skips found accidentally, I'll see if I can find it.

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Never anything too big, but I've found a few small skips by chance. This happened while playing Streets of Rage 2 when I was very tired and I just forgot to destroy the exploding eggs in advance. I forwarded it to @King_iOpaKing_iOpa who worked out that you can take a full bar of health off Zamza by attacking with the sword while he's blocking the explosion, but it's very inconsistent/tricky to time. So he hasn't used it in a run.

I also randomly found the weird skips in the first boss of Dungeon of Numenas 2 fairly early into my runs there, but apparently those were intentionally built into the game the whole time, as per the dev.

Most applicable, though, would be this run, where I randomly discovered a new strat of flipping a switch through a wall during a session and immediately reset to crank out a new run using it. (...And then later that day came back and rerouted everything a bit better.)

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@hahhah42hahhah42 I'm guessing the Streets of Rage 2 trick is related to the co-op mode exploit? I know there's a thing with the how the hitboxes work on attacks, that if both players attack an enemy from both sides that it registers hits every frame instead. Sounds kinda like it.

I don't think I've ever really found too big a skip by accident- I'm usually intentionally looking for them. I guess I did accidentally find a second means of softlocking in Big Broom Race 3... that happens to be identically fast to the other known softlocking method.

I've found some odd bugs in Iris in the Giant when going fast, some of which purely softlock the game, but I've had like a sort of effective invincibility once. Never could re-create it and the footage was corrupted, so that's fun.

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@ O.D.W. Could be. My interpretation was that Zamza can block the knockdown effect, but not the damage, from the explosion, so if you attack while he's in that mode, his blocks act the same way against your attacks. (If I remember correctly, he gets knocked down after he stops blocking whatever you do, so it's just delayed.) King_iOpa's discovery was that you could hit him twice with the sword with Blaze, or twice with grand upper from Axel, during that span.

But I'm just guessing.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 The blocking in SoR2 has some weird stuff with it, so I could see your interpretation as well. I'm no expert on the game's internal mechanics.

Hmm... if you really wanted to figure it out, maybe get in touch with the SoR2 romhack community? They might know something about why it would happen.

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  [user deleted]

happened to @shinuushinuu in
(idk how to clip past vods)

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I found skipping half of Bloodstained by accident lol

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I accidentally discovered a glitch in "Adventure Forward 2" where you get stuck in mid-air after using the saw.

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Not found by me (by "DonGambini" on Gamefaqs a loooooong time ago, where they described a weird glitch where the game warped to the final day) but was only really recently found (went unfound for like 8+ years), which is a skip in Persona 3 FES to completely skip over the Final Boss / Tartarus to the final day by just talking to a specific NPC on certain days end game.

This wasn't found by NMarkro but was the first proper documentation of it. In the run itself this saves like 4+ hours.

Original finding is here:

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