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yeee so i ended this whole thing a while ago
I honestly couldnt keep up, it was taking a toll on my mental state0\
100% not made for long overarching challenges

but i mea- oh god, hes coming, quick. i have to post this before he finds out


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This person wanted us to guess who they are in another forum post. Another user "meme" (memer?) left earlier. A user "Kai." uploaded a post with the title "hi, im back" so that's like the same as this one. @KaiKai. even commented on the "meme" thread. Pretty easy guess. @MacOSXMacOSX wants us to figure out what account he deleted but he said it was ten letters so Idk if that's related.
The Morse doesn't seem to lead anywhere but it does translate. The audio probably needs a spectrogram. The google docs just seem to load forever to me. I'm guessing the audio has some better reference to whoever was running this.


@Cmessenger01Cmessenger01 also started a Morse code thread recently. The account was only made two weeks ago. Not sure if it's related.

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ARG SPOLIERS (not really)


(also arg updated) 🙂


mini arg update for google drive