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Hi there,
We’re a startup company from Sweden and we are currently building a web-platform where you can share your gaming experiences and accomplishments with other like minded. Think of it as being a summary of what your(or your favorite streamers) story looks like, what it is today and where it’s heading.
We’re at a very early stage of development but right now you can do this by:

• Sharing your favourite games and express why they deserve to be in your top 5.
• Displaying what you're playing right now
• Show off accomplishments/feats
• Give a short description of who you are
• Links to your other social platforms
• Links to other influencers you recommend people watching

Here’s a prototype of what it could like:

From what we’ve found there’s no good way to quickly introduce yourself to others in terms of what kind of gamer you are. We believe that there’s a place for a platform like this, whether you’re a streamer trying to grow your audience or just someone who wants to be able to display what gaming is to you, in one page. We have a lot of other interesting features in store and will continuously add new functions and ways of interacting on the platform.

I decided to try and reach out here on because the feedback/interest in closed testing has been great so far, especially from speedrunners and streamers. Together with different communities out there we’re now putting it out to test on a larger scale to further validate and improve the idea.
With that said we would truly appreciate it if you wanted to share your thoughts on what you've seen, the good, the bad, what you're missing and if this is something you would be interested in using.

For a bit more information and to keep up with the progress of this project, we’ve built a temporary landing page here:

Thanks for taking your time to read this

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Interesting idea. You could even embed users' src times pages if the site admins were ok with that, although that would only appeal to speedrunners. Some intergration between your site and this one would be cool as the only thing this site lacks is player profiling (other than the basics and times page).


This is really neat. I hope that this project can grow to be successful so that we’ll have more than just Speedrunners on it.



You could even embed users' src times pages if the site admins were ok with that

please no

also yeah I don't see the point. why does anyone need to know what achievements you unlocked in game? lmao


Thanks for the feedback! We're happy to hear that you find this interesting. 🙂

As gaming keeps on growing we feel like it would be great if you had the opportunity to present yourself in terms of what kind of gamer you are, to other like minded. When we’ve asked around, most people keep their memories and accomplishments that they are proud locked up in their head or spread out on a lot of different platforms.

We’d like to change that and provide a way to easily present yourself as a gamer, on one page. The same way you have your whole work life written down on a CV or on platforms like LinkedIn we feel like there should be an easy way to share, who you are, your journey and what you’ve achieved in terms of gaming as well.

We’re approaching a couple of different communities simultaneously in order to get feedback from a variety of different types of gamers. Eventually we’d like to see everything from e-sport athletes to casual player profiles on RankOne. However, as a beginning we’re focusing on trying to create something a bit smaller that we hope speaks to some and then learn from there what to focus on next.


Hi again,
We’re now live with an alpha version of the platform. If you want to check out an actual profile you will find a familiar face in the speedrunning/retro community here:
Arcus is testing this out by linking to his RankOne-profile from his Twitch channel and so far the respons has been great.

If you like what you see and would like a profile of your own just contact us and we’d gladly help you create one.

You can find us on Discord ( or the old fashioned way at

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Been 3 months since our last post now and just wanted to get back to you guys. We're over the moon with how well different communities have welcomed the idea behind RankOne and the speedrunning community has definitely been one of the big cornerstones. ❤️

We're still only just beginning but at least we've gained some traction. Shortly we hope to incorporate a lot of new features that makes the site fun to visit on a daily basis.
If you haven't been on the site for some time, feel free to pay us a visit and let us know what you think of it. You'll now find us on

We would love for you guys to continue to provide us with feedback on the site and help us continue to improve.



While I had doubts about the usefulness of such service, I felt like it could be nice. I mean it mostly looks like a bragging page mixed with a favorite page, and in that sense it's not unlike most social media. But it's about games, looks neat, includes speedrun so I said to myself why not. I was very confused when I tried to register.

First when I clicked on register it directed me to an "about" page with another register button. Why? You're bound to lose people right away, if what you click on doesn't immediatly leads to what it's supposed to, it's a fail.

Second when I went on and click that second register button. It redirected me on a different domain, are you using third party as registration or something? You know you don't need to build an authentication backend, you can use an existing one without third parties. And then offer third party as an alternative, your usual "log in with...". This is a bit confusing and to be honest it doesn't inspire much trust. So I filled in some bogus information. By the way I can link any video profile even if I don't own it, maybe in that case third party is a necessary thing, you should look up stuff like OAuth to make sure your users are claiming something they actualy own.

Then I was linked a google doc to fill in information about my profile. There you lost me. I'm now realising it's not like a social media page where I get to put whatever I'd like (within said page containers limitations ofc). Are you going to build my profile by hand? Or can't you make your own forms? What's that about? What's wrong about regular forms and automated page generation?

I'm sorry but I'm out. If in three month all you could build is static pages redirecting to third parties with no result in view, I'm sorry to say it doesn't look promising.

Now I'd like to reframe my lack of enthusiasm. It's good to build stuff and to learn along the way. What I'd really like to convay is encouragements, but maybe get a web dev on the job, or get a free online course about that 😉

edit: got me thinking a lot, I actualy like it, doesn't stand on much on a technical pov but I mean... it's not hard to fix


We're now back from the summer vacation and we're more determined than ever to keep improving the platform. Every day there's new people sharing their gaming journey on the platform and we're planing to moving towards more social features this fall.

Later today we're releasing follow feature so that you're able to keep up with what's new on your buddies profiles.
Coming up the next weeks we're looking to release:
• Add highlights
• Create a Community Hub
• Your game collection categorized by platform
...and a lot more.

Is there anything else you'd like to see? Don't hesitate to let us know. 🙂


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