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Heard of this before, what is it?

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Pokerus is a "virus" pokemon get that makes them stronger but it doesn't last forever (unless in the box etc) and it can be spread to other pokemon.
Just a basic summary I guess 😊 although google probably has a lot of information about it too 🙂.

@Mojoh goodjob 😃

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@dkm What @MelonSlice failed to mention is that it's rarer than catching a shiny

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You guys are all nerds........imagine taking me away from my Warhammer discussion for this

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A pokemon that's going to die from a virus!
PETA needs to ban this!

Interesting and congratz! What game is this from?

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@chryoyo Pokemon X

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Put it to good use, don't let it get away, put a Mon with it into ur PC, that way you can preserve it. When EV training in the future pokerus speeds up the most boring part of raising competitive Mons, battling specific hoardes of Mons over and over again.

Nice find, and please do keep it, because trust me, EV training is boring as shit.

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RNG Gods smiled upon you, congrats!

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raising competitive Mons

Who does that anymore in this day & age Kappa
I'm selling comp. ready mons left & right on reddit 😛

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