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Hey, im kind of a new user on this site, i registered here in the end of 2019 to have some fun speedrunning, but thats besides the point, so, today i just wanted to check something on the site, then i noticed i have a notification from someone. i wondered who could that be and then i found a user. or a bot (im not gonna say the username for obvious reasons) who sent me this and i quote "Hello, This is (Girl name) kindly get back to me Please for a special reason I am Waiting for you" and then the account proceeds to write down a gmail. now, so my question is. if its a spam, or a phishing account, then why is it allowed on this website? isn't there a way to report this to a moderator or something? because im sure this is kind of against the TOS


It isn't allowed, they are bots.

There is no entirely foolproof way to stop them unfortunately however, and there are some safeguards in place but they get through sometimes. Similarly to how bot accounts also show up on sites like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch etc. If you suspect someone DMing you of being a bot, you can report it to us via the DM system itself.

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That was a bot which multiple users reported and is deleted now.


Okay. just wanted to know it for sure, thanks for the answers