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hey everyone. I'm a beginner speedrunner of GTA SA and I wanna talk with someone who can help me with two questions.

1. 0:07 - it's ok to get this message or I did something wrong during run?

2. 4:23 - most interesting part of my thread. I record this video to show what glitch sometimes happening. when I running game, playing, then switch on my PC mini-jacks from speakers to headset game is going a little bit crazy. dialogs goes so fast and I didn't find any information about it. I think it's because PC left with any sound source (don't plugged any sound's mini-jack) or what is actually called idk.
I'm pretty sure this glitch is not allowed, but maybe I'm wrong and I can do a speedrun with this and set new WR on GTA: SA Any%? LUL


oh, shi, i'm sorry. i'll do that now, thank you!