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I am its true


Doubt this will reach OP, but you need to stop thinking of everyone online as real people. Most toxic stuff is said either just as trolling or someone lashing out about their own issues. Not exactly sure what people are saying you did on here w/ violent threats and whatnot, but that's not important. You're definitely taking things people send in 2 seconds on the toilet a bit too seriously, and the only reason they keep going after you is likely because of how openly you just respond to literally anything sent your way. All the things in your personal life also going south (being in debt, parents, etc.) is really sucky, but everyone hits down points in their life, you'll be able to recover. I think you just need to spend some time off the internet, or doing things like the people who are going after you are doing and just stay on the internet anonymously. The experience you've been having is extremely isolated from most of the speedrunning community, so I'm not sure why you say things like 'speedrunning is dead', but it might just feel that way to you based on the harassment you've been receiving. I don't have all the context here, so I can't give you any specific advice for anything, but I hope your situation gets better and I'm sure that if you work hard at improving it you can do great things.

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Was gonna make a new thread but since this is still relevant, i wanna give everyone a update that MrRacingmonster/ Xyph has went homeless and his phone is turned off and I and others worry he is back in jail because he said "it's too cold to be on the streets guys in a stream a week or two ago". There is a few things he's posted about his situation that i feel i should share.

<-- Last video, look at the disgusting comments. Probably people from the Call of Duty Speedrun Community under alts since theres a few that are using 'Klooger' names. But they are all trolls obviously.

<-- Live stream of him breaking down about his life and trolls and trying to start fresh

Will share that he has a channel that is purely for drama, where he provides evidence and responds to the slander/defamation over the years, his appearance is changed so i think all of these are scheduled uploads, but not sure.

A lot of you don't seem to still get how he's treated wildspread in the speedrun world, based on all the stuff they were just told about, which he's disproven, but this is him when he got banned in chat awhile ago for asking to do some runs with a speedrunner, notice the uploader is one of his trolls btw

so hes definitely 'known' in the hobby, but for the wrong reasons.. I truely have only followed him since 2020, but his mental health is definitely worse from when i originally met him on YouTube. I could go on, but its pretty self-evident of his problems. His 'community' tab on youtube has a few posts of him getting mad, i think him getting demonitized from ads is the one that finally made him blow recently though..

I also forgot to mention, but his real name is on the internet aswell, that makes having a 'real life' difficult aswell. Anyways, i for one and im sure all of his supporters wish he is safe and healthy, and hopefully he can have his life get better.

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1. I’m not sure what that has to do with any of us.
2. You are likely an alt.

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A thread about a struggling person has became a meme warzone


@GarshGarsh we just want to know if he's safe or not, he's not turned on his phone or discord now for almost 2 weeks. It seems like all the trolls are coming out the woodworks now and we know they are from the Call of Duty Speedrun community because that's the only people that mess with him 24/7, they just posted these recently and this is the exact things he's mentioned in his post about it causing his mental illnesses and struggles in life and everyone seems to laugh about it? Why is everyone like not condemning this actvity?

I did submit a support ticket to sr.c about this and didnt hear back still


Not to be an ass, but what can src support do here? you're gonna need some REAL concrete proof that these are people from the cod community. It is very easy to make alts (as @MrRacingmonsterFANSMrRacingmonsterFANS likely is) and impersonate other people are throw around random accusations. As someone who is uneducated on the situation, there is nowhere near enough to tell me exactly who is behind anything and what exactly is going on. It would make no sense to take any action here since there's literally 0 proof of anything other than racingmonster clearly being in a tough situation in real life right now (best wishes to him, hope he figures stuff out), and randomly banning people or whatever you want the people at elo to do would literally not help at all, especially if your main concern is stopping troll comments on youtube. If there comments are affecting racingmonster so much, youtube allows people to disable comment or block certain comments pretty easily, so if this was actually an issue on his end, he doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously. Either way what I said earlier still stands and I hope racingmonster gets a chance to read it.

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