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This is Xyph. (Formely MrRacingmonster)

I been speedrunning since 2006. In 2020, after all the hardships, all the crap, drama, and everything i tried to leave in the past. I couldn't. People would troll the hell out of me, would harrassment, lie, slander, abuse, and have caused many issues in my life. Financially, Mentally, and Professionally.

In late 2020, I took the advice of many. I changed to Xyph, did the stuff when i started, speedrunning and lots of it. In august, someone found out Xyph was Racingmonster, and so came all the trolls on my new content/channel/life. The internet, has became a absolutely toxic enviornment, it's to the point It affects my life in the real world.

There a specific community on reddit called 'Stickless' but Call of Duty Speedrun Community does this aswell, theres a posse in there that just non-stops trolls the fuck out of me and if you pull their 'private chat' you would have the evidence.

I have went to such lengths to sue many people in my years of speedrunning for slander, defamation, mental distress. Just to wake them up to leave me go and bother someone else and just stop gossiping about me. No attorneys or Law enforcement would help. No one.

Over the years i have encased a criminal sheet of harrassment/terroristic threats for confronting some people in the hobby for this and threating to hurt them because that is where it has become to. The judges i get, don't believe in me standing up for myself and have destroyed me mentally. I am on 7 pills, 7 pills to be alive. All of them are shit that absolutely makes me unhuman. I have 40,000USD in medical debt, my credit score is destroyed, my parents no longer associate with me and I am on my own road currently. At 24 years old, I have hit the point where I don't see myself being sucessful, being productive or being happy. I will forever live in a pit of hell. This is due to the amount of mental abuse over the years, it has destroyed me in everything.

The next time you have beef/drama make up.
If you think bullying and all this other shit i mentioned is cool. ITS NOT. Having a click in a community isn't cool. It just makes you shitty. Stop marginalizing people, stop doing a WOR/Jordie Jordan thing on people. My life is completely destroyed. I will never afford a house or a have a decent apartment because of my record. I am forever in therapy and out-patient services by court order because of the many diseases I have developed over the years. I am in a unescapeable hell. I cannot have a 'normal', or fresh start. A fresh start for me would be having my firearms/weapons back, my apartment back, my car, my happiness. The people took that away.

Also, speedrunning is dead. But the people who have egos, and are narcassists are running wild, and so are some of these people's fan clubs. just joining and picking their side for a piece of their popularity and spotlight. Thats never what this hobby was. it was about friendship, community building and building each other up. Now its tearing people down and becoming toxic and using vpns to hide yourself from being held accountable.

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Uh I hate to be that guy but speedrunning is not dead, quite the opposite in fact. This seems to have nothing to do with, your account was created 4 months ago which is only a fraction of the time you are describing. I hope things get better for you of course (assuming you aren’t trolling), but I’m not sure that speedrunning could be the cause of all that.

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Originally posted by GarshThis seems to have nothing to do with, your account was created 4 months ago which is only a fraction of the time you are describing.

This is his most recent alt account, since he had a few accounts as MrRacingMonster waaaay back in the day. Apparently they were banned, but this was before my time on this site so I have no idea what went on or why that happened.

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Oh, I see

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I wont ask about your past and what has happened, it doesnt matter, people dont deserve to go through what youre describing.
I dont know anything about you but I hope you will do better. You say that you have improved and thats good. (I dont know who you were before though). It might be better to completely leave all social media for a while, including facebook, twitter and discord; and if you need them to contact a friend just use a different name and account and change your account whenever its leaked. You say you keep receiving magazines you havent asked for, then I suppose you can just call directly and ask them to stop sending them, and also not make it public so the trolls dont try to do the same thing again.

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"Apparently they were banned, but this was before my time on this site so I have no idea what went on or why that happened." @MrMonshMrMonsh he was banned because he threatened violence against a former admin of the website, and has proceeded to (as seen in the above post) continue to do that kind of thing and severely minimize his involvement in order to make himself look better.

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I know this will sound very dark but I hope this isn't a last message before committing suicide because it truly did sound that way to me at least.
Life is too precious to be taken away. Even if it's a life that's too hard to live. Everything can be overcome with enough time and patience. I'm not trying to be a generic motivational speaker over here but know that you're not the only one going through these hard times.

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Dude, unless you use social media as a means of life, there's nothing stopping you from changing your nickname and speedrunning without showing your face on the internet. Like, how exactly is someone gonna find out about you? How would they know you used another nickname?

If people are pursuing you in your real life, then you should go to the police. Otherwise, I think there's nothing else you can do.

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Feel like this thread could provide some context:

@WalgreyWalgrey Hey, I remember that thread now.

Now I'm just kind of shocked it's been 3 months.

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If you've been speedruning since 06 and you're 24 currently,You've been speedrunning since you were 9 years old?

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@Cmessenger01Cmessenger01 The OP is banned now. I don’t think we’re going to get anything more from this thread.

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Can someone summarize what OTFC_Xyph said bc im not reading all of that

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If your 13+ then you should be able to read, right?

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That is the third time someone has sent that to me. AND I’M NOT GONNA CHANGE MY SPELLING.

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@Act7Act7 I am 13+ i'm a freshmen I just don't want to be bothered that's a whole ass assignment

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