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Pineapple Belongs on Pizza
​Sam Panopoulous invented Hawaiian pizza in Toronto in Canada at the Satellite Restaurant (“Alexandra Bircken XX,” 2019). Hawaiian pizza comprises of ham and pineapple with cheese pizza. Pineapple has been a very controversial notion since its introduction as a pizza topping. In January two thousand and seventeen, after a specific tweet, the argument about pineapple on pizza flared up again on Twitter. Coating pizza using pineapple was a heavily disputed debate amongst individuals throughout the world last year. There are several reasons as to why Pineapple is part of the pizza.
​Pineapple is scientifically proved to belong on pizza even though many individuals believe that fruits have no place on pizza. Pineapples, like tomatoes, are fruits (Boysen, 2019). Nothing like a little sweetness to cut through the saltiness of a salty food like pizza. Pineapple gives the taste profile a much-needed sweet boost.
​In addition to the above, the health advantages of pineapple are numerous. Potassium, fiber and vitamin C are all abundant in pineapple. Vitamin C is vital to avoid scurvy and resentment by boosting immune system (Farid Hossain, 2015). The vitamins plus the minerals aid digestion, blood pressure, and overall wellness. You can't say you don't like topping pizza with something like pineapple that is truly beneficial for you.
​In conclusion, we all like eating a slice or several slices of pizza, but we always regret it after. Pineapple, like other fruits, is a fruit with nutritional value. You'll feel a bit less bad the next time you order an additional piece of pizza. We might not agree, but pizza will remain to be pizza and when you need it most, it will continue to be there to you.

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No you beat me to it

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I like pineapples, and I like Pizzas. Win-win situation for me.


Pineapple goes on pizza. If you get offended by this take please go outside.

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Pineapple on pizza? Whatever, I'm here to talk about coffee.

I hate, hate, hate coffee culture. I can't stand people saying, "Oh, I can't do anything until I get a warm cup of coffee in me." Shut up. Being a former smoker, I recognize the addiction and subsequent irritability of coffee drinkers and it bugs me to no end that caffeine gets glossed over as an addictive substance, or even fucking celebrated to some extent. Those people who brag about needing 5 expresso shots (sorry, esssspresso) a day need an intervention, not a nod of approval. Seriously, all you coffee drinkers are the biggest group of fucking enablers I've ever seen.

When doing group activities, like camping, I loathe waiting for others to start their day after a morning ritual that hogs counter space, or propane, or dirties good clean water. I hate the sleepy look in peoples' eyes as they grasp their cup of stimulant that they wouldn't need had they never started drinking it in the first place.

There's an entire fucking cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to stupid coffee mugs and their dumb sayings staring back at me despite living in a household where only one person drinks coffee. Why? And the dishes. Since nearly every person drinks coffee, inevitably us non-coffee drinkers are going to have to clean up after your morning fix. Seriously, I've done so many goddamned cleanings of coffee mugs if I had a dime for every one, I'd probably have enough for a Starbucks franchise.

And don't even get me started on Starbucks. Godamned devil business slanging legal crack for decades, hogging good real estate so addicts have a place to slurp up and get their morning shit in before work.

Lastly, I despise the amalgam of ways people cook up their black powder and then talk up the flavor as though it tastes like something other than a dirty sock. That's your addiction speaking. You want to know why you need to dump half an udder of cream in your cup? It's because cream is fucking delicious and when combined with your filthy water, makes it somewhat bearable.

And your stupid machines that creak and groan through the quietude of my morning can go fuck themselves. Talk about a waste of counter-space. And the spent black stimulant granules that spill over onto the counter, staining the grout drives me nuts.

And lastly, the goddamned keurig cups or whatever they're called are one of humanity's worst inventions, sandwiched between Glyphosate and Joe Rogan. At least the meth addicts don't deposit a plastic remnant that will persist in landfills for hundreds of years spreading micro-plastics into our environment every time they need to get high.

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I don't like sweet with any type of marinara sauce. So it is not for me. I personally like super garlicy sauce, mozzarella, and romano cheese. Sprinkle some parmesan on top and it is perfect. Crust should be crisp on bottom and top while still nice and soft in the middle. No need to add anything to the crust if it is made right. Of course I have to make my own pizza since no delivery service makes it quite like this.

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I never tried it.


Tomato is a fruit, which is made into marinara sauce. It just makes sense to blend up a pineapple and spread it onto a pizza with some cheese on top.


I personally don't like Pineapples on Pizza but if you like it then that's ok it's your pizza after all not mine.

But I think we might have a new enemy and that's people who put kiwis on pizza.


If you hate it, more for me then. I usually don't crave it, but it definitely doesn't bother me at all.


it belongs on pizza


It's good, why do people hate it lol

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Originally posted by 1 If you get offended by this take please go outside.

I got offended by this take and I didn't go outside. 😎

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im also offended screw pineapple on pizza


Also speaking of pizza my mothers side of the family owns albano's pizza