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Whomst'd've'dt is Joe I wonder?


who's joe????????


to answer the question, Joe is the dumbest person I've met in the speedrunning community

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Wahabthesmasherr was a person who was very active in Unlink2's stream. He had incredibly broken English and was just weird overall. A very childish personality too. He was probably a troll though. He was trying to get himself banned in Unlink2's stream but was unable to, so he ended up being a returning member there.

However, he's only stupid on the surface. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he has an IQ higher than any of us. Hidden behind his troll talk is someone who's genuinely genius. On the surface, he's extremely stupid. Once you get to know him, he's smart. He might be one of the people I know the least about. I don't know if he's an African, American, European or Asian, I don't know what language he speaks, I don't know his sex, etc... The only thing I know is that he's Wahab. And he's a Pluto Person. I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI or whatever couldn't easily catch him.

But hey, on the surface, he's really stupid, so he's a honourable mention. But alas, he's smarter than all of us. Also, I believe this because he has shown to be capable of proper English in ONE SINGLE MESSAGE over the thousands of messages, in DM with me. I don't remember what he said but he wasent spiiking laik dis or somding. He'd alweis spiik laik dis, evry singl mesug. He kaled mi "KatzelyNat" bekos ai maid a jok wans.

And he's FLUENT at it. But, as he has shown, even if only one single message, that he's capable of proper English, I genuinely believe there's a mastermind behind this Pluto Person.

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@SnodecaSnodeca At that point, rather than being stupid that just sounds like a very dedicated troll, truly committed to the meme. Respect


who's joe? he sounds sthpupid

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