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Some guy came into the MCBE Discord and was getting mad at mods on why they havent dmed him about his faked speedrun so he can make a video


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Sometimes in a discord I'm in we'll post screenshots of really stupid youtube comments. Here are my favorites:

"Speedrunners should not be allowed to reset. Do one speedrun, complete it, and that shows your true skill. Maybe you can try again another year. Anybody can get a perfect time if they keep resetting over and over again."

"Can't help but feel there is something deeply immoral about this? Lots of kids watch these vids and they are teaching you that systems and rules don't matter and you need to take shortcuts. With global warming and probably stock market crashes coming, governments by necessity are going to NEED to get much more authoritarian and rigid for at least 30 years, and I'm worried that kids who grew up watching these types of vids will be all 'teehee I'm so clever' and find more loopholes to give themself more 'freedom' where resources get so strained and anarchy starts to reign to the point where thousands of people are gunned down in the streets just because some niche group of hobbyists thought it would be fun to show off how you can shave 3.7 seconds off a lap in a 20 year old go cart game"

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I am not sure but I think it’s @KaiKai.

(Nothing against you btw)

(I like how it never links to you 🙃 )

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people who think that specific speedrun challenges aren't a true testament of skill like IL's or segmented. all runs can be a testament to skill, even TAS which requires technical knowledge in all fronts.

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someone commented on the speed run 4 world record for 3 categories in one run with the following:
"low skill level, not entertaining, children's game. go back to yt kids this isn't a speedrunning game or a category."
then, a while after they replied again and said
"no really, your lucky there is such a presence of 6-12 year olds who are willing to watch anything related to their favorite free children's game. I heard they pay the most in ad money since they dont know how to install adblock. But hey whatever floats your boat :)"
they were absolutely clowned on in the comments. still quite funny

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Here’s a weird one. A little while back someone attempted to submit a WR run to the 10 deaths category in with the description “HOLY AFTER 7k+ Tries ITS BEEN DONE BYE OVER 10 SEC”. After watching to make sure there’s no splices I went “Something doesn’t add up here.”

I downloaded the run to retime it and after counting the deaths there was only 7. I rejected it but didn’t report it because I figured it could be an honest mistake (We get submissions with 9 deaths often), turns out this user was banned not long afterwards.

If anyone’s interested here’s the run link, the user is banned so their’s really not much of a reason to hide it.

Moral of the story, do your runs legit, don’t be an idiot.

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Every so often I get a message from a brand new account with no runs asking me to make them mod.

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A person called "Nacho cream cheese" submitted a super mario odyssey any% run of 1:00:35 to the leaderboards. This run was a reupload of another runner's run, so it got rejected. Later the same day, they reuploaded the same run again and resubmitted it.

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This is related to the answer @PearPear left. I once had a person message me on discord asking me to make them a moderator of a game where I wasn’t even a supermod.

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