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The time includes all speedrunning-related activities:
Speedrun attempts (full game/ILs), levels practice, glitch hunting, strats/glitch practice, routing, etc.
(We can count TAS-making as well.)

For example:

- The most time I spent on one game was about 200 hours on the game "CircloO 2". This is a 2d platform web-game with 24 short levels (optimal time of 10 seconds to 1 minute), but the physics of the game make it extremely hard to play optimally.
Most of the 200-hours time went on ILs, and some levels took thousands of attempts (most of them were reset in the first 5-10 seconds).

- The second most time I spent was about ~160 hours on the game "Ahriman's Prophecy", an old RPG-maker game from 2004.
So far I have about 15 hours of actual speedrun attempts.
The rest of the time went for routing the game, doing practice attempts to test my routes, slightly improve the route after each attempt, and repeat and repeat.

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I'm mostly estimating here:

- Most time I've spent on a game is Paint the Town Red, at least 180 hours doing speedrun related activities, once just breaking the same weapon for 2 hours to work out some of the programmings.
- Second most time I've spent on a game is probably Jazzpunk, 205 hours logged but I believe only around 120 on actually running it, ~10 hours on glitch-hunting.

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I don't know exact hours, but I'd estimate I have about 400 hours in the game "Mobility". The game has a lot of categories and levels, and combining practice, runs, challenge runs, casual playthroughs, tasing, routing, and glitch hunting it's by far my most hours in a speedgame, and one of my most played games in general.

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I poured in hundreds of hours for the game my friend pedro mobile for level 1 and i only got third

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Once did a 5 hour session of red ball attempts and didnt pb once. I've never been able to go past an hour and a half in session time and I only stopped because my back started to hurt

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Well, when a speedgame interests me, I usually spend a lot of time on it. I can't tell you how much time I've spent on a game exactly, but I can give an estimate of some of my longest. Outside of Iris, this is all speedrunning and routing stuff.

Sword Master: Gonna say about 20 hours for this
Rune Factory 1: Probably around 50 hours or so, but that's a lowball estimate. It was my first real speedgame.
Castlevania Judgement: Around 15 - 25 or so, but these were over 3-4 days (yeah I don't know why either)
Crystal Chronicles: Gonna say about 30 hours in total, and it won't stop pulling me back
Milano: About 10 hours
Monster Hunter Tri: About 25-30 hours across the span of a week
Iris and the Giant: I'd estimate about 15 hours

There's also a game I didn't finish running, which I'll get back to eventually. I've probably already blown 15 - 20 hours of my life on it too.

Safe to say that when I stick to a game, I stick to it for a while at least.

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I don't know how much time I've spent on Foxbot, and I don't care to know. Besides, I started grinding my times for that game in 2019, a year before I was recording anything, so there's no way to tell anyway aside from memory. That's not firm enough to give me any idea.

...But, looking at the recordings of my sessions for a few other games, it looks like I've put a little under 30 hours into Ninja Cat, 35-40 hours into Deepest Sword, 50 hours into Grippy, and 75-80 hours into Pigments.

I had no idea Pigments had passed Grippy by so much.

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Minecraft Legacy Console Edition Category Extensions.


@Act7Act7 wow, hundreds of hours into one IL of length ~31 seconds? How hard is this level?
(It's been years since I played "My Friend Pedro", so I don't remember much from it)

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This is the newer mobile version and me and around 5 other people wanted to get wr.

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I've spent about 90 hours speedrunning a 20-minute long 'Cry of Fear' co-op campaign.

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I put 3000 hours into halo, and most of my time was for strat development for the runs, not even actually doing runs

On a single trick, I put roughly 150 ish hours into the development of a launch in Halo 3 odst that saved roughly 1 min.

On a single IL, I put about 300 hours into a 14 min IL, coastal highway, and also put about 200 hours into an IL, New Alexandria

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About 500 hours on Crossy Road

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Like 600 hours spent on this game. If we count TASing as speedrunning however, then I spent 1000+ hours on finishing my TAS of M&L: Superstar Saga.

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The game I speedran the most is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

~70 hours for my first playthrough back in July 2013.
~50 hours for my second playthrough sometime after.
~150 hours into learning the game and glitch hunting back in December 2015.
~25 hours spent doing a segmented All Bosses speedrun.
~7 hours spent on my first speedrun, which reset at Pi'illodium because I got pissed off.
~8 hours spent on my first finished speedrun (on January 15th 2016 iirc) which was half an hour faster than my last run.

I shortly after did a Glitchless attempt, but after 5 hours I broke my charger. I realized I wouldn't be able to finish the run. I stopped there and didn't play the game at all until 2017.

2017: probably about 100 hours of playing the game altogether using my brother's 2DS I stole (he eventually got it back). I was so desperate to play the game I took his 3DS, yes.

In 2019 I bought a new O2DS. I have used this 2DS since then, and basically all my playtime on that was spent on something speedrun related. So looking at my Activity Log app:

583 hours on European version
6 hours on the Demo version
94 hours on the Japanese version
1 hour on the Korean version?
51 hours on the USA version? (Both Korean and USA have the same game name so that makes it hard to tell)

Added up together gives me 735 hours on this 2DS alone. Combined with my speedrunning related time before, that's 735+295 = 1030 hours for speedrunning this game. Plus my casual playtime, that's 1150 hours spent playing the game in total. Pretty neat if you ask me.

I also spent ~800 hours speedrunning Sonic Adventure 2 and at least ~200 hours speedrunning Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA. 🙂

Oh yeah and if we count TASing, I have spent at least 200 hours in SA2B and 200 hours in DKC2GBA respectively. I still suck at TASing SA2B though lol

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@SnodecaSnodeca Cool to see you here.

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I cant give any exact numbers but There Is No Game takes itr for sure. At least 100+ hours