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also transformers has had some pretty hype music


Have we not mentioned Splatoon 1/2 yet?
Because Fly Octo Fly.

That is all.

P.S.: The live concerts turn it up a notch.


Well, definitely from a game "Puddle". I can't say how awesome and relaxing ambient music this game have...

Also Final Fantasy XIII - 2 have so much great relaxing music. I wonder how much time I spent AFKing coz the music...

There is one "sad" music from Metal Gear Solid V, when your buddy left you in last mission...

The menu music award goes tooooo....

I really loved music from a game called "Shaolin - Lord Of Fist". How unique these track are...

This track from Payday 2 is definitely the best yet...

And I can continue like this 😃

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Detroit: Become Human is a masterpiece!

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radiant historia, final fantasy 6, chrono trigger, majoras mask, and star fox 64 for me though i can appreciate soundtracks from xenoblade chronicles, persona and other games like earthbound and shining force

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obviously glorious morning from age of wars and shoutout to glorious morning 2


And I love this loop for some sick unknown reason


anything koji kondo makes really.

also some indie games have amazing vgm, like undertale, yume nikki, hollow knight and more so.
youtube user 8bit music theory has really good videos about vgms!
( <- his channel

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All of Pokemon and Black/White's.
Grew up with this. Still love it! 🙂
Edit: Had to do a direct link to a playlist cuz the full soundtack video is blocked 😛

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Earthbound is one of the best for sure!


-Every ace attorney game
-Animal Crossing
-Final Fantasy VI and VII
-Undertale & Deltarune

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Tropico 5 has some goldies like this one


I really like Metroid prime 1 and 2’s soundtracks. They’re just SO GOOD!

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-Lavender Town (Pokemon Red&Blue)
-Gourmet Race (Super Smash Bros)
-Megalovania (Undertale)
-Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)
-GTA San Andreas Main Theme
-GTA Liberty City Stories Main Theme