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I noticed this morning that the category I recommended yesterday was put up on the Leaderboard. As a way of showing my appreciation, I decided to do something to help people who want to get into this new category faster. I went and looked up all of the quests that are needed for each run, and set the list up as splits on Livesplit. Here is the link to the zip file which contains all the splits for all of the subcategories (chapter 1 contains prologue and chapter 1, chapter 2 contains prologue and chapter 1-2, and chapter 3 contains prologue and chapter 1-3).


A quick disclaimer I haven't tested these lists in game to see if they're correct, some quests may not be in the game anymore or some quests might be missing. The idea was to help make things easier for those wanting to get started.

Additionally, I found a few things of note while looking up these lists. They show different endpoints for each chapter than the final quests listed in the rules section of each subcategory. The lists I found were older, showing they were last edited in 2017, so my lists might be off. Here were the differences I found from my lists.

Sith Inquisitor Chapter 2 Ends on Conflagration, not Sith Hierarchy. Sith Hierarchy is the name of the first quest of chapter 2.

Bounty Hunter Chapter 3 Ends on Some People Just Need Killing, not Number One with a Bullet.

Imperial Agent Chapter 1 ends on A Brief Leave of Absence, not Tyranny Triumphant.

Imperial Agent Chapter 2 ends on Resumption of Hostilities, not The Shadow Arsenal.

Jedi Knight Chapter 1 ends on Guided by the Force, not Fate of the Jedi.

Jedi Knight Chapter 2 ends on Returning to the Fight, not An Unthinkable Alliance.

Jedi Consular Chapter 1 ends on A Time to Reflect, not Vivicar Awaits.

Jedi Consular Chapter 2 ends on To Serve the King, not Counterpoint. Counterpoint is actually in chapter 3.

Trooper Chapter 1 ends on Time Off, not Justice.

Trooper Chapter 2 ends on Charge to War, not Battle of the Gauntlet.

Smuggler Chapter 1 ends on Port Nowhere, not The Endless Abyss.

Smuggler Chapter 2 ends on Blood Feud, not Heist of the Millenium.


thats pretty awesome and could be a big help to people looking to run this game, thanks alot! 🙂
I will add the upload to the resources page and adjust the mission names in the rules when i have some time.
we're still making some more adjustments to the new category but we will let everyone know when its done.


I updated the mission names, please let me know if i got all the prologue missions correct.


I've updated the splits file, so the link will need to be updated. I'll leave the old one up on my drive until you post here saying you've taken it down. I've added a separate split file for each of the prologues, and fixed a spelling error with all of the Jedi Consular split files.

Also, there were two errors with the prologue ending missions. According to the site I've been using for my splits, the Imperial Agent Prologue ends on a quest called Darth Zhorid Arrives, and the Trooper Prologue ends on a quest called Assault on the Works.

Updated Split File Download: https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​file/​d/​199-_pV8OaW_651jBsZIno-khYSDVL8vX/​view?usp=sharing


Splits file and mission names have been updated, thanks.


The quest "A fighting chance", the second split, isnt in the game anymore. so if you can try to update that or make people aware they have to remove that segment from their splits


Splits file has been updated, thanks.