Category Idea: All Arcade Modes (Relay Race)
11 months ago

Dug this idea up from literally nowhere during a convo with someone so I figured I'd put it here (even though these leaderboards are extremely dead and need activity).

The whole premise is, well, play all Arcade Modes with all characters in a relay race-style on whatever difficulty (probably Easy because who the hell would torture themselves in this category). Two (or more, whatever) players take part in this.

For it, one player will handle one set of characters (either 8/7) and another player handles a different set (again, 8/7). One player plays character A and finishes that character's Arcade, other player plays character B, you get my point.

Recording proof could be provided through stream (if applicable) or two recordings can be combined together to create one.

Timing will be based off combining the times from the runs themselves while not factoring in wait-time from either runner (so think of load-removed time from SMB:TLL) For an example, if I got a 10:40, a 10:27, a 10:35, an 11:09, and an 11:37, the times would add up to 54:28, without factoring in the time I spent in the character select before starting the run.

I'd be down to try performing a legitimate run of this with any active runners (there's like two) that are slightly okay at Arcade. Well, unless nobody does, then I'll have to resort to begging my friend to.

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i'd watch this if it helps


Given nobody exists I made the conscious decision to do a solo-run of this. Here's how it looks:

also make me mod .:((((