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I'm gonna run this game once I've beaten it. Probably start with any%, but I thought I'd give my opinion about what 100% would be.

I think it should be starting a new game (deleting all data) and then starting from level 1, collecting all cages and chests. Cards not allowed.

Any thoughts?

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Good idea but it would kinda suck to have to grind all over again to get the cards back if/when you want to go back and do any%


Yeah, maybe. How many coins would you normally get on a 100 % playthrough, though? If 100 % also included every breakable, then you might get enough coins to just buy them.


Yeah, you might be right. If you want to run a fresh game category then I think it would be quite cool due to the raised difficulty.


I just had to collect all cards again, bc I had to reset my phone. I just cleared the game trying to defeat all enemies in my way, saving all villagers, collecting chests and breacking jars and I had enough money to buy all cards except from one. If I had been lucky enough to get the gold coin card early enough, I would say a single playthrough is enough to buy all cards, and if not, with just some coin collecting in the right level (idk which but surely there might be a good one for it) would be enough.
I feel that your idea has potential, but I would allow buying cards. Other than that, requirements:
-Start from a brand new game
-Clear all levels
-Save all villagers
-Open all cages
-Clear all challenges in less than 50"

I wouldn't put buy all cards as a requirement (despite being a 100% run) to avoid shit-coin-grinding but I'm ok if the oppinion is that it should be required


Don't forget that not all cards are strictly needed for any%. There may be others I don't know about cause I haven't completed the game yet, but the one that puts a "?" next to a hidden location inn each level isn't used at all in any% obviously.


Yea, the useful card are:
-More invulnerability when damaged
-Extra hp at the start
-Max of 4 Fireballs
-Fireballs at the beginning of the level
-Increased live drop %

Nevertheless, I believe buying cards should be allowed in a 100% run