This needs to be discussed, considering there were a few runs submitted without video. I accepted them as we don't have an official rule about this yet. There are basically three ways to do this:

A: Require video for everything
B: Don't require it at all
C: Only require video if someone claims WR

Personally, I'd go with C for RTA runs and A for ILs, but I want to hear some more opinions on this.


Personally, I think all runs should require a video if they want to be verified. In regards to this, I still would like to see the leader board redone in order to have separate categories for the console and pc versions.


I'd prefer every run to have some sort of proof, even if video is not possible, something like splits being included would be nice. Even though something like pointing a webcam towards your tv is pretty easy, so having video requirement wouldn't be too bad either.

In regards to splitting categories, I think should we just brutally cut all main categories into N64 and PC, and if such a run is submitted, N64, PC and Dreamcast. It might not look too good on the page, but at least all runs wouldn't be clumped up together. Thoughts?


I'm not really a fan of using anything else but the standard system variable. It looks like any other variable, but for some reason people do not accept it and instead want a category for each system. But even I have done that in another game I moderate, it just makes things easier.

What bothers me here is that splitting systems into categories would make the leaderboard look terrible. You could just go with "console" and "PC", but I'm pretty sure Dreamcast is faster than N64, so there would probably be a demand to split that as well as soon as a Dreamcast run is submitted. Maybe it would be a good idea to implement it as subcategories?

Regarding video proof: I'm actually surprised that both replies are in favor of requiring video. I would be totally fine with introducing the rule for all new runs submitted here, if we can agree on that.


What you could do for the boards is have pc, n64, and dreamcast with the main categories as any%, 100%, and 100% with skips. At this point, having upgrades as standard would be conducive, with no upgrades in these categories being placed in the miscellaneous category or renamed to low%.

Amateur, SemiPro and SemiPro with the skip can be miscellaneous categories with their low% categories included as well. While you have potentially 7-9 miscellaneous categories per platform, it's out of sight unless you want to see it.


I definitely want to have an upgrades variable. The reason I added it is that upgrades make every category a lot more RNG dependent, so I wanted to give people the option to not use them.


Th leaderboard is updated! It now uses the system value as a subcategory, which may be a bit hacky, but at least we don't have to deal with 12 main categories. The region variable will stay, as it does make a difference on console. For PC runners, I recommend to arbitrarily choose a region to make it look better.

Video is required for all new runs now, but I may make an exception when I'm going to add some historical times and can't find a video.