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Hello everyone !

A LoadLess Timer (for Livesplit) is in testing phase for a week ! it will soon be available for all. but first I will explain its functioning ingame :

_ This LoadLess Timer stops the time during LOADSCREENS and CUTSCENES that are not made with the game engine (Beginnings and ends of levels for most of them).

_ It's an AUTOSTART Timer. It starts at the end of the first cutscene, you don't need to launch the timer in the menu (But be careful and RESET the time BEFORE launching your save).

_ /!\ If the Timer is stopped (during a loading or a cutscene) YOU CAN'T SPLIT /!\ You need to split before or after.

_ it was created for the STEAM VERSION, so maybe it will not work for another version.

_ Its an AUTO-END Timer !! Because the game ends on a CUTSCENE. So when you chose the end the timer stops when you made the last input. the Timer is stopped but YOU NEED TO SPLIT AFTER THE RUN to validate your time (cause the timer is just stopped on the right time, but the time is not saved, be careful).

BIG THANKS TO SATSUIBIRD who made this LoadLess Timer ! It will be available maybe in a few days 😉



Something to note is that the timer also stops if you pause the game.


I started running this game on 360 do I need to use this timer as well and how do I go about doing so?


It's not possible to use the load remover on console, unfortunately.


It will, you'll just have to submit it as Time with Loads, unless you want to rewatch your finished runs and manually add up the time spent on loading screens.


Sounds good I have no problem timing out my loads manually, thank you very much