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4 years ago

Hi! So since at present, FLUB has been MIA for about 8 months, Frog has sporadic activity, and Sora does approve runs but I don't believe keeps up with the game much, I requested srcom mods to make me a mod of the game and got approved.

There are a few changes to the leaderboards that Polar and I wanted. The only other runner who's sort of active is tralalapis, who agreed to these changes as well. I don't believe they're anything too major, and since leaderboards are a community thing they can always be changed if we don't all agree/have a majority agreement.

That said, Any%, All Bosses, and 101% will remain the same. As will the parameters of CBF%. The changes that we're making are as follows:

Glitchless will specify the tricks that are allowed and not allowed. We've agreed that as of now, five things that we are aware of should be banned.

-Dave Skip -Forge Skip -Dew Skip in Familiar Grounds, which allows you to get the Green Key early. -Frigid Bridge clip, which allows you to get the Indigo Key early. -Depths Skip, which allows you to avoid doing the metal blocks puzzle with Peridot.

This means some "glitches" like the menu glitch to move during cutscenes, the Peridot/Connie trick in The Split to avoid doing the puzzle, and Pearl Skip are allowed. We agree that with all we have in the game at the moment, a fair definition of a glitch in Save the Light for the purposes of speedrunning is something that skips a major portion of a particular area (e.g. Familiar Grounds, Waterfall Way, South Trail, etc.) or makes it so you do not collect a key item that you otherwise need in a regular playthrough.

This is why, for example, Pearl Skip is allowed but Depths Skip isn't. The fight skipped due to Pearl Skip is possible due to placing characters in certain positions, using Pearl's ability, and switching characters in a certain frame of time, allowing you to open the gate without engaging the enemy there due to being first-striked in the cutscene. The enemy does not drop any important item; this trick simply plays around with the enemy's aggro. Thus, we don't consider it a glitch under these parameters. Depths Skip is banned because you skip the majority of that area and do not progress through it to the next portion of the game as it would obviously have been intended for you to do. This is also why Glitchless now bans Dew Skip - because the way it works allows you to skip two fights that drop Dews and not have to collect the fourth dew in the breakable block, all of which would otherwise be mandatory to get to Waterfall Way.

Console and PC will be separated. This is because the PC version has faster loading times, which further seems dependent on how good your computer is. It was also discovered by me that if PC users put their graphics onto "fast" this saves even more time. The longer the run, the more time saved due to faster loading times and cutscenes being faster (e.g. easier to mash, Sapphire and Ruby's re-fusion is faster, etc.) And on the PC it's faster for 101% in addition, since you can change system time in between loading zones instead of while still sitting in a zone as the console requires.

We're also moving CBF% to a Misc category. As is, we believe Any%, All Bosses, Glitchless, and 101% would be satisfactory for main categories. A "beat the game as fast as possible, anything goes", a "Defeat every boss in the game, and everything goes" "beat the game as fast as possible, without glitches" and "get your file to 101%". If anything else gets discovered in the future, we can amend the rules as necessary, though unless anything huge is discovered (e.g. a way to get the weapon upgrades through a faster, non-source means) I imagine we'll be keeping these four as our main categories.

With CBF% being moved, we're also making a few more Misc categories. As of now we will have the following:

-Pearl% -Amethyst% -Map Completion -Hessonite Rush -From My Point Of View The Jedi Are Evil

I believe we plan to have a Greg%, Steven%, and Peridot% at some point. For these categories, the idea is essentially to ban Connie's damage exploit and only allow team attacks using the character of the category (e.g. Pearl% would not be able to have Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite). These are basically challenge categories that run under the All Bosses rules with additional restrictions. Map Completion simply requires you to have every area of the game unlocked via the warp pad. Hessonite Rush is a boss rush of sort, where you start on a previous file and try to kill SC and Hessonite as fast as possible. The Jedi's goal is to kill the Prism during the Hessonite fight and get a game over.

And one final thing - I'm moving All Bosses over one spot so the order is Any% - All Bosses - Glitchless - 101% -- Misc.

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All sounds excellent. Glad to have you as a mod :)! The new category proposals are super interesting, I'm especially eager to see the Jedi one in action lmao

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Glad you approve! I know you haven't gotten to stream/do runs in awhile but we know you've put a lot of work and helped lay the foundation for routes and such that we've worked on. It's pretty great to see all these things getting found and I'm looking forward to you coming back, whenever it might be.

I'm gonna be posting my run of Jedi later. It can also be renamed, it was just an on-the-fly name I thought of since the idea is to do the opposite of what you're supposed to do and kill the Prism. I dunno if other things work but you kill the Prism with Opal's AOE attack when Hessontie attacks him. I found it on accident when testing to see if that attack can activate the Freebie Badge effect and my thought was "Wow, it damages the Prism. Now why don't I kill him?"

Figured we could use this thread to also talk about addendum to rules due to new discoveries.

So I found this Out of Bounds trick in Mount Manikchak awhile back and timed it. Seemed a teensy bit faster, but I didn't know if it would skip the Squaridot ship cutscene too. Turns out it does. Looking at the gold split differences, going through Mount Manikchak like this saves about 10-12 seconds depending on how well you can perform it.

Given that this out of bounds and all, I figure it makes sense to ban this from use in Glitchless.

Related, I updated the rules on Glitchless a little to specify that the things we list as banned are things we'd expect to be used in All Bosses (which is very similar route-wise up to after Light Warrior) but that other things are banned too, like entering Volcanic Venture without a key. It wouldn't make much sense to do that in Glitchless anyway since you would be losing time, but I thought it was worth mentioning as small disclaimer.

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