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( I would put this in guide section but it just a useless ending really)

-I would take the canteen at the beginning because going to the river can waste a lot of time, only try

also do the hut skip

Go to the 2nd beach area besides the river with the second shelter.

-make sure to pick up the items for the kindling, if its not raining always use it besides your shelter other wise you will get a small cut scene sometimes.

-to go to the river when it is raining or you have no food (the river swells when it rains bringing it closer to you.

-the clam always re spawns everyday so use this to your advantage if you get really lucky with fish rng this is probably the fastest method and will keep you full for longer but no way to manipulate it.

you can last a few days without food and water if you really want to sit things out, so you can be a little more reckless then I was. you lose 20 health per night if you don't have any food or water.

(I was very cautious in my run so its probably best to be a little more reckless)

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This is pretty much obsolete now due to the warp glitch but not quite because I can't get it consistent enough but at least it makes the 2 most boring runs of this game still boring but shorter


Hello, thanks for posting at the tasvideos topic.
I need more information on how to do the warp bug, because I can't seem to do it.
It might be specific to a certain emulator or system.

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I was about to make a post in the tas forum but I can post here 🙂 okay
Ending 3 run
Ending 1 run
(keep in mind the times might need re timing as they are not on the board yet) 😊

This is a copy and paste of the post I was going to post there

I am using Gambatte because its the emu we need to use for speedruns but the glitch also works in vba and higan. emm I have my run video here if you are interested in what I did although it is very easy to set off ending 3 its ending 7 that takes some idk precise movement maybe.

Are you using the Japanese version of the game because it only works on that version, for some reason there is so much I don't understand. I did make a glitch compilation and I was able to get ending 1 after that video was made because you can make the sos sign but it confused me. So I went back and as soon as I left I came back in and it triggered ending 1.
(I am currently looking for a variant for the boy but with no luck)

I did a sloppy run and got 6minuets 14 seconds there is a faster variant that I was able to do once but I can't for the life of me get this to trigger again

Some glitches

I was going to buy stranded kids soon but I might just buy the jp version Survival kids instead.

also for Stranded kids German seems the most broken from my tests but idk ^^


I've added my Ending 7 route and notes to the guides section if anyone is interested 🙂