To Allow Emulators
3 years ago
United States
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I answered this in Twitch chat, but for transparency I'll answer it here as well.

From what I've looked into, I'm not super impressed with the accuracy of current Xbox 360 and PS3 emulation (and very few other speedgames allow emulation for those platforms), which is the main reason why I initially chose to have them banned. This game also doesn't run particularly well on emulator anyway. Also, I'm not really convinced that allowing emulator would magically bring in more runners, it certainly would make the game a bit more accessible but I don't really think that's what's holding it back.

All that said, if you or someone else genuinely wants to run this game on emulator, go for it! If/when there are runs, barring any major unforeseen complications I'm sure we can find a place for them here.

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